I’m on the hunt for dresser knobs. I purchased two nightstands and the knobs are just so bleh. Also, Waverly’s dresser, I’ve just never loved the knobs on that either. They are plain jane silver knobs. So, I started looking online and was extremely overwhelmed by the sheer number of knobs available. I was also astounded at the price! Who woulda thunk it? At any rate, here are some of the ones I’ve been crushing on as of late.

Favorite Dresser Knobs | www.TheMcBaileys.com

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What do you think? Which is your favorite?

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Rest and be thankful. | www.TheMcBaileys.com

“Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug.” – Mary Chapin Carpenter Yes, MCC, yes. Today, I feel just like the bug. *SPLAT* Maybe I’m being dramatic, but let me tell you about this crazy day so far and it’s only 9:25am. I had a dream that I woke up and my master bedroom sitting room had been completely furnished. I mean with accessories and everything! But when I woke up, no such luck. Still barren with tumbleweeds blowing through my room. Then, I heard the trash guys. CRAP, did we put out the cans today? Nope! And they stink. We had fish one night and scallops another night. Baking in my garage. Yummmm. *vomit* Is that the baby I hear at 6:23am? Why is she up? Let’s have some breakfast, OR NOT. The baby will not eat anything I give her these days. Unless of course it’s scrambled eggs, ground hamburger, yogurt, or an avocado. Truly, those are the only things she’ll eat. Awesome, the banging next door has started. Each morning at 7:01am nail guns, hammers, and a generator start pounding away. For 10 solid hours. Living next to a house under construction is awesome {I do realize it’s not permanent}. Oh what’s that I see in my email inbox from work? I forgot to do quarterly assessments for my portfolios…FOR Q2!!!! Did I mention it’s 9:25am?

HOWEVER, I’m not going to let that get me down because guess what…have you made your guesses yet? This weekend is Click to Continue Reading



When we were building our house I didn’t think twice about the garage door. Rookie mistake #355 of 980. Okay, that’s sort of an exaggeration, but there are so many stupid little things I didn’t think about or even pay any mind when we got into this. It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m making a list. AND of course I’ll be sharing it with you once I finish putting it together {yaaay! I know you are so excited *possibly rolling my eyes*}. Anyhooo, seen these:


Yes…YEESSSS I want one. I want one badly. So, I did what any logical woman would do, I googled it, found one I liked and then screamed in horror at the price of a replacement garage door, let alone a craftsman/cottage style garage door. I mean, what in the world are these things made of? Will it greet me when I place my finger on the garage door opener? “Good morning Megan. Don’t you look stunning today?!?!” Yea, it isn’t going to do that. So tell me, WHY, WHY are they so expensive?

I mentioned that I would like to replace our very boring, white, Home Depot special {not that there is anything wrong with a white garage door from Home Depot} garage door to my husband. He said, and I quote “No.” That’s it, that’s all he said. And then he walked away. Don’t think I didn’t chase after him begging to get a new one because ours was “just so boring Andrew! I mean look at it! It’s a snoozefest!” His reply “No. It’s a garage door, they are expensive, get over it.” Whaaaaaaa? “Get over it?” Clearly that man has lost his mind. But he was right. I couldn’t justify $2000 for a garage door. Yes people, $2000. Read it again. A garage door.

So, I hit the internet machine again and looked for a way to DIY a craftsman-style garage door, Annnnd I found a little gem [click to continue…]


Managing Postpartum Depression | www.TheMcBaileys.com

Since sharing my story of Postpartum Depression (PPD), many people ask me what it’s like living with the disease. I wish there was an easy answer to this question. Dealing with this disease is a part of my daily life. It’s not something quietly disappears or is all of the sudden better. Most days I wake up ready to take on the world {after coffee of course}. Nothing can get me down. I’m energetic, fun, enthusiastic, and all around cheerful. Some might say {my husband and co-workers for instance} I’m downright annoyingly happy. But other days, I have no interest in even getting out of bed. I hate the thought of myself, the tasks that lie ahead {including taking care of my daughter}, and am drained for energy before I even put one foot on the ground. The great part though is that my “most days” significantly outnumber my “other days”. I think I’ve gone almost three weeks without having an “other day.” You may have just scoffed and thought “Oh, but that isn’t very long is it?” For me, that’s pretty good considering where I once was.

I’ve been lucky; I’ve found ways to manage the disease without allowing it to spread through my life uninvited. So how is it exactly I manage the disease? Well, Click to Continue Reading


Thankful Thursday | www.TheMcBaileys.com

It’s that time of the week – one that I have slacked on for a while. I mean it wasn’t that I wasn’t thankful, it was just that I was…well…busy. So I’m going to due one huge long list of items for which I’m thankful to make up for the posts I’ve missed. Just kidding. Maybe. Click to Continue Reading


Why I Chose to Lean Out | www.TheMcBaileys.com

Many of you know the notion of ‘Leaning In’ made popular by the book written by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Essentially, Sandberg, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, describes why there aren’t as many women in power positions as we would expect in this day and age. She provides real-life examples from her own personal experiences, as well as other women in executive positions, as a road map of sorts for women to work towards climbing the corporate ladder to the top, with the end goal to be at the highest level one would like to reach. I’m a fan of the book, the message, and the lessons learned, but I’m choosing to the do the opposite. I’m going to Lean Out and I’m going to tell you why… Click to Continue Reading


{Quick Moving Tip: Packing Your Perfume}

June 10, 2014

I’ve moved a lot in my day. From college dorms, from apartment to apartment in my early 20s, and now two different houses in my 30s. As you can see I’ve had my fair share of packing boxes of my crap, moving boxes of my own crap, and paying moving companies to move boxes of […]

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{Baby’s First 6 Months: They Never Tell You}

June 4, 2014

They never tell you…babies actually don’t like sleeping. They do when they are first born, but it quickly fades. However, right around week 9 your baby turns a corner, they start snoozing for 5+ hours. It might not seem long to someone who doesn’t have children, but to a new parent, that’s a lifetime. They […]

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{Thankful Thursday: May 15, 2104}

May 15, 2014

Source Okay so I sort of fell off the “Thankful Thursday” wagon, but I crawled my way back on. It’s not that I haven’t been grateful, it’s just that I’ve been busy. Not a good excuse. Believe me, I’m well aware. Regardless of my excuses, today is a new day to start fresh and keep […]

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{Living Room Inspiration}

May 14, 2014

New house means new living room, right? RIGHT! So we brought all of our furniture with us from the townhouse. But, it just doesn’t look right in the new house. The sofa and two chairs setup we had in the townhouse living room is dwarfed by our new living room, and too much for our […]

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