Thankful Thursday |

It’s that time of the week – one that I have slacked on for a while. I mean it wasn’t that I wasn’t thankful, it was just that I was…well…busy. So I’m going to due one huge long list of items for which I’m thankful to make up for the posts I’ve missed. Just kidding. Maybe. Click to Continue Reading


Why I Chose to Lean Out |

Many of you know the notion of ‘Leaning In’ made popular by the book written by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Essentially, Sandberg, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, describes why there aren’t as many women in power positions as we would expect in this day and age. She provides real-life examples from her own personal experiences, as well as other women in executive positions, as a road map of sorts for women to work towards climbing the corporate ladder to the top, with the end goal to be at the highest level one would like to reach. I’m a fan of the book, the message, and the lessons learned, but I’m choosing to the do the opposite. I’m going to Lean Out and I’m going to tell you why… Click to Continue Reading



I’ve moved a lot in my day. From college dorms, from apartment to apartment in my early 20s, and now two different houses in my 30s. As you can see I’ve had my fair share of packing boxes of my crap, moving boxes of my own crap, and paying moving companies to move boxes of my crap. I’m a big believer in wrapping fragile items in both paper an bubble wrap.

However, this go round, when moving from our townhouse to our new house ,I stumbled upon my own brilliance {I’m very humble}. This probably isn’t new and I’m probably going to get the side eye from many of my readers, but my new found way to pack all of my perfume {I may have a slight addiction} is in my socks. Yep, my socks!

It’s perfect really! You just slip a bottle into one of your socks, and it keeps it nice a cushy. Socks come in all different shapes and sizes and so do perfume bottles. Just pick the one that works best. I found my workout socks were great because they have a little elastic in them and cushioning in the heel and ball of the sock. If it were to break, the sock would soak up a good portion of the perfume, and would contain the glass within the sock. Brilliance right?!?!?

So there you have it people. A quick little moving tip brought to you by yours truly. If you’re moving any time soon, I suggest you try it out. :)

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Baby's First Six Months: What They Never Tell You |

They never tell you…babies actually don’t like sleeping. They do when they are first born, but it quickly fades. However, right around week 9 your baby turns a corner, they start snoozing for 5+ hours. It might not seem long to someone who doesn’t have children, but to a new parent, that’s a lifetime.

They never tell you… all babies progress differently. Yours may not sleep as much as your friends, yours may be a little taller, a little shorter, have a belly, be skin and bones. She/he may like being on their tummy, may not sit up on their own yet, and may be starting to crawl already, or not. So don’t let any of those other parents make you feel like something is wrong, your baby is just fine. Tell them to shove it.

They never tell you… at month 6, your stomach will still look like a kangaroo pouch. Most of your clothes still aren’t going to fit like they did prior that little bundle of joy joining your life. The skin on your face will probably go bizerk, your hair may fall out, and your hormones aren’t going to be fully in tact. It’s okay. No one expects you to be skinny. No one thinks anything of your extra blemish here and there, and NO ONE expects you to fit into ALL of your clothes yet. I know you do, but don’t. It ain’t realistic sister. I’m just impressed you are wearing makeup!

They never tell you… how nasty your baby’s poop will start to get. Solid food is the devil. The devil in the form of feces. There is no silver lining to your baby’s poop, it’s only going to smell worse as you go. I’m sorry. I really am. But thank the heavens above potty training is on the horizon {I say heavily laced with sarcasm}.

They never tell you… that the U.S. has the worst maternity leave, in relation to developed countries, in the world. Yes, WORLD. Most new mother’s receive 12 weeks of leave, a lot of that unpaid. 12 weeks won’t be long enough, even though you think it will be plenty. The first day at work your mind will focus on nothing other than the fact that your baby is currently with a stranger. You’ll rush out the door of that office building, speed home/to daycare, bound through the doors, and swoop up to hold your child tighter than you did when you left in the morning. Hold on to that moment. Remember that feeling. Savor it. That is life handing you a golden ticket. You’ve just discovered what is most important for the very short amount of time we inhabit this earth. Don’t ever forget that moment. Ever.

They never tell you… how drastically your relationship will change. It may change for the better, it may change for the worse. I wish I could tell you which way it will sway. Regardless, being a parent is one of the most difficult journeys that couples endure. Being new parents is even harder. You’ll discover things about your partner you never thought possible, both good and bad. You’ll discover things about yourself you never thought possible, both good and bad. But at the end of each day, while lying in bed, both mentally and physically drained to your core, you will smile. Because the two of you created that beautiful little creature, who makes the world a better place just by breathing Earth’s air.

They never tell you… six months is too short. It’s not long enough to savor every first. You are just trying to survive and you forget to store those moments. Six months is just a small blip. There are so many more months in front of us, but you’ll never have those six again. You waited almost a full year to meet your child and now, six months has already flown by. How did that happen? So everyone in a while, stop. Just stop, take it all in. NO matter how messy, how loud, how stinky, how exhausting, how infuriating, how disappointing, how wonderful, how happy…just stop. Smile. And bookmark that in your brain. Because those six months will feel like a week and you’ll wonder how it all went by so fast.

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Be Thankful For This Day |

Okay so I sort of fell off the “Thankful Thursday” wagon, but I crawled my way back on. It’s not that I haven’t been grateful, it’s just that I’ve been busy. Not a good excuse. Believe me, I’m well aware. Regardless of my excuses, today is a new day to start fresh and keep commitments with myself, right? Right. This Thursday I’m thankful for Click to Continue Reading


Living Room Inspiration |

New house means new living room, right? RIGHT! So we brought all of our furniture with us from the townhouse. But, it just doesn’t look right in the new house. The sofa and two chairs setup we had in the townhouse living room is dwarfed by our new living room, and too much for our formal living room. The basement sectional we had is way to large for the new living room and just doesn’t have the right “feel” for the line of sight I’m trying to keep in tact.

This means I have to buy ALL new furniture. Believe me, I’m trying really hard to use anything I already have. Unfortunately it just isn’t working. Even Andrew said the other night “this really looks awful in here” when referring to our big comfy sectional in the living room.

So, we’ve been on the hunt for new sofas and to tell you the truth, I hate all of them. I found one that was comparable in comfort to our current sectional. BUT, I decided I didn’t want to go down the sectional route {this went against my original plan}. My new plan is to mount the tv over the fireplace {I’m not all that excited about this option, but it makes for the best use of space} and then create a U-shape with the furniture. To create the U I’m going to need two sofas {or one sofa / one loveseat} and two chairs, or one sofa and two loveseats. The first choice seems to make the best sense as it isn’t a HUGE room, which I feel like the second requires if you are going to have that much furniture in one room.

I really am having the hardest time with this room and I don’t know why. I’ve never had a problem in the past. I just want to create a comfortable space where you want to hang out, provides enough floor space for Waverly to play, and also looks really put together {but not like I tried to hard} in the end. *insert long audible sigh* Why is this one so difficult?

I put together a little inspiration board to kick my butt into high gear. I can’t keep dragging my feet on putting this room together. I mean for the love, there are still boxes unpacked in this room. EEEEKKKKK. AND we are using it every single day. WHO HAVE I BECOME?!?!

Anyhoo, any great ideas for my living room? I’m completely open to your thoughts!

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{Mother’s Day Deals}

May 9, 2014

I’m posting Mother’s Day Deals all day long on Facebook Page. Go check it out!

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{Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25}

May 5, 2014

Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday, did you get that perfect Mother’s Day gift yet? If not, I put together a short list of super gifts for your Mom under $25. I found all of these cute products online, for under $25. Most Moms end up getting flowers for Mother’s Day. While that’s awesome, why not […]

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{Morning Room Inspiration}

May 3, 2014

For those of you who don’t know, we just built a house and moved in about three weeks ago. We moved from a 1900 sq foot townhouse into a 4000+ sq foot house. Ummm yea, we have many many empty rooms. So, I’ve been putting together some inspiration boards for the rooms I want to […]

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{Thankful Thursday: Clarity)

April 10, 2014

I’ve been away, but I am back! These past two weeks, well three, have been quite the whirlwind. We sold our townhouse and signed it off to the newest owners on Monday, March 31. Unfortunately, our new house isn’t quite ready yet so that meant we had to find a place to store all of […]

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