US Heart Map This has been a crazy couple of weeks in this country, has it not? I struggled with whether or not I should even chime in on this topic. Do I have the right? Am I knowledgeable? Do I have enough experience? What right do I have? Who do I think I am? I truly don’t know if I can answer any of those questions. But I do know my heart and my brain tell me I should say something. They both tell me that I can’t just sit back and feel the sting of defeat. That I can’t sit idly and watch this all unfold. That I shouldn’t be silent when I see and hear things that just aren’t right. That if I don’t speak up, who will? I don’t really know what I hope to gain from this post. I DO know I don’t want to just check off a box and say “Look at that post, see I tried.” and then go about my merry way. So here I am, throwing my ten cents out into the Google machine in hopes that maybe one or two people will read what I write and reflect with ” I never really thought about it like that.” or even maybe “Hmmm, she’s has some valid points.”

Did the title of my post turn you off? Piss you off? Make you roll your eyes? I bet for some of you it did. I expected that. I’m not offended. I bet you’re tired of hearing about white privilege, “Black Lives Matter”, and all that jazz. But I wish you weren’t. I wish you understood how lucky us white people really are. I can already hear it now “Oh for the love Megan!” I know, I know. It hurts to hear doesn’t it? Does it make you cringe? Make you uncomfortable? I know it does. Mostly because I know you don’t even realize it. How could you? How could you fathom what it’s like to be black in this country, if you aren’t black? You’ve never dealt with racism, you’ve never been profiled by a police offer because you were “Driving While Black” (yea you guys say that in jest, but it’s a REAL thing). You were never not allowed to vote (except us women, we know all too well about that don’t we), drink from the same water fountain, get an education, receive a bank loan, be afraid to raise a black son (I could go ON AND ON, but I won’t…). You were always allowed those basic things, because you are white.

It’s been just over 50 years since segregation ended (1964). But let’s be real folks, the whole nation, every single person in this country, didn’t wake up one day and change our minds about black folks. Nope. Segregation may have been illegal, but racism was/is still very alive and running rampant. It’s ingrained in us. Generations raised on a belief system. So it isn’t your fault, you just don’t know any better. But really, you do. You do know better.

You do know that blacks are stopped by police more frequently that whites. You do know that blacks are 2.5 times more likely to be shot by officers than whites. You do know that minorities don’t have the same opportunities that we, as white Americans do, BECAUSE you do know that it takes a little longer than 50 years to end an entire belief system, to correct our wrongs, to provide equality. No one is saying that your life doesn’t matter. No one is saying the life of police officers doesn’t matter. No one wants to incite violence or retaliate. What people are saying is that we cannot continue to turn and blind eye. We can’t. We can’t continue to act like this is okay. We can’t continue to ignore that generations, GENERATIONS, were taught to hate and raised with racial bias.

Listen, I’m white. I’m privileged just by being born white. It’s a fact. I grew up lower-middle class, but in a predominately white neighborhood. I was schooled in public schools, well-funded, surrounded by mostly white children (But I will give it up to my alma mater, Princess Anne High School, in Virginia Beach, VA. It was by far one of the most diverse schools when I speak to my inner circle about their high school experience. Thanks PA, love you forever!). I went to predominately white college, surrounded by white classmates. My first job out of college was with a major rental car corporation, run by white males, and surrounded by mostly white male colleagues. Think about that for a moment. Really think about that. This is also because whites make up 77% of the U.S. population. That’s a lot of white people! (laughing) But I think you can see how there might be a tendency, based on that fact alone, to cater towards white Americans in media, in politics, in movies, in the news, in everything. You cater to the majority, right? Right! It’s just the way it is.

But, I don’t want the fact that we are 77% of the population in this country to affect our ability to think clearly, to be decent humans, to know the difference between right and wrong, to fight for equality, to give everyone a fair shot. We are all the same. We all deserve a fair chance. We all deserve to be treated with respect. Not all black people are violent and/or criminals. Not all black neighborhoods are terrible. Not all police officers profile blacks. This is an unbelievable country, founded by immigrants (yea we weren’t just born here, unless you are Native American, we came here on boats y’all), based on helping each other, celebrating successes, and our pledge of allegiance ends in “with liberty and justice for all.” So, if you immediately snap back with “ALL LIVES MATTER” just take a moment, try and hear what someone is saying, try and think about your experiences versus theirs. You may just find you have a compassion and the will to learn a little more about a road unknown to you.

Hugs and Love from


So You're Having a Baby, Let's Chat |

Your first baby? CONGRATUFREAKINGLATIONS!! First and foremost, getting pregnant is a lot harder than people think. So if you struggled to get pregnant, kudos to your cervix, your uterus, your vagina, your eggs, your special private areas, your body, and all of the rest of it. Because that crap, ain’t easy and I know it first hand. I’m super excited for you. Having kids, if someone hasn’t mentioned this previously, is single-handily the most rewarding thing you will ever do in your life. Unless you are Mother Teresa, and then you probably will do way more rewarding things like save children from poverty, make the blind see, and all of those other great things people who are way more giving than I am do. But I mean here in my world, single-handily the most rewarding. That being said, it’s also the most challenging. So let’s just a few things straight.

  1. Opinions are like Assholes, Everyone Has One…don’t listen to them. Your next door neighbor, your co-worker, a girl you knew from elementary school, and people in the line at the grocery store (just to name a few) are going to give you “advice,” aka OPINIONS. Opinions on sleeping, on your marriage, on your perinatal health, on feedings, on milestones, on anything and everything they feel inclined to shove down your throat without even being prompted for their opinion. It never ends {even after you have the child}. So, just smile politely, nod your head, thank them, and don’t retain a word that was spoken. Little secret here, we’re all just winging it. We have no idea what we are talking about. I know most people mean well, buuuuut it’s going to get really annoying.
  2. You’re Never Going to Sleep Again…just kidding! You totally will. In like 6 – 8 months from the day you deliver. Did you know that sleep deprivation is actually used as a torture mechanism? True story. You will soon find out why. You think you aren’t sleeping now because you’re uncomfortable? Oh honey, the walking dead is about to become your reality. I already hate it for you. It is THE PITS. Nothing can prepare you for it, nothing. And you’re going to look like shit. There, I said it. You’ll also feel like shit because…
  3. Your Body Will Not Be a Wonderland…sorry John Mayer, but my body was WRECKED. I had a c-section so I’m different from a vaginal delivery gal. But I’ve heard about the splitting, and I’ll take my c-section scar any day over that. I bow my head for the ladies who’ve been cut, ripped, split….ooooo girl, tear in my eye and grabbing my crotch/backside just thinking about it. You won’t look like yourself. You won’t feel like yourself. Your stomach will be weird. Like there is still a baby in there, but there isn’t. It will be squishy – like bread dough. And those hormones. I mean sweet mother of all things holy, those hormones will send you straight to the loony bin. Crying in the shower, in the car, on the couch, no reason for any of it. Just crying. It just takes a little while for you to start feeling okay. AND THAT IS OKAY! Don’t rush yourself – let the healing process do its thing. But if you aren’t feeling yourself after two or more weeks, and your Baby Blues have extended a bit further, tell someone. Specifically tell your OB. We don’t need you getting into the situation I was in.
  4. You Might Want to Divorce Your Husband…don’t worry, you won’t! And you totally aren’t alone. Speaking from experience, I actually contemplated stabbing mine once. It was when he told me that he “needed 6 hours of sleep, at least, to be functional.” *I have a very not nice look on my face right now* I was going off of 9 straight days of 2 hour sleep intervals. Yea. He was was getting 5 hours/night of uninterrupted sleep. You can see how my sympathy for his plight ran thin, can’t you? Anyhooo, listen, this is a HUGE life change. HUGE. It’s hard for you, and for him, and for your marriage. And a lot of this is just not natural for men. Maternal instincts are a REAL thing. If your husband hasn’t had any exposure to infants previously, how in the heck would he know what he’s doing? No amount of baby classes can help that! So yes, if that thought crosses your mind, NORMAL. And don’t worry about mentioning it to your other mommy friends. They thought it too, even if they look at you, put their hand on their chest, gasp, and say “Oh no, I never thought that. He was so helpful!” LIES. LIES AND DECEIT! They wanted to stab him and divorce him at least once, if not 10 times. Doesn’t mean they love him any less. And their marriage is probably stronger from it.
  5. You’ll Question Why You Ever Did This…ha! We all did!! I’m not joking, you will actually look at your husband and say out loud “What the f%*! were we thinking? Why did we do this?” You’ll want your old life back. To sleep. To just hop in the car and go to the gym or get your nails done. On a whim, just cause you can. But you can’t. Your whole life becomes a plan. Uggggh planning. So much planning. *laughing* Yes, someone will be nice enough to come watch the baby for a little while for you and the break will be glorious! But there’s always a time limit and you’ll never stop wondering what’s happening at home. It takes a while to get used to the whole thing. I found it took me almost a year to fully adjust to life with a kid. I know that varies from person to person, but it was crazy hard. 34 years of doing my own thing – 16 adult years doing my own thing, hard stuff. But you find a new norm. And you will still years down the road long for your old life some days. But 99% of the time, you wouldn’t change a thing {okay maybe 98.8% ;)}.

So after saying all of that, let me just say this: It’s hard. It’s tiring. It’s cool. But it’s going to suck. And I feel like no one tells anyone that. It really is going to suck for a little while. And then one day, it just doesn’t any more. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. It’s so cool, and so hard, and so sucky, and did I mention hard? You’re going to do great momma, don’t worry. But don’t beat yourself up, don’t think you’re alone, and don’t say I didn’t tell you so. 😉 *laughing*

Hugs and Love from


A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. |

Gratitude is define as: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Most people express gratitude in different ways. My mother always told me that the words “thank you” can go a long way. She was right. A simple, genuine, thank you can take someone by surprise and make them crack a smile when they haven’t in days. But saying thank you isn’t the only way to express gratitude – I think it goes beyond those words and comes from the heart. And it’s not just by thanking those around you, but by being appreciative of what and who is around you. Yes, a simple thank you can go long way, but what if you began to truly, genuinely {not in a false attempt}, began to express thankfulness to your surroundings? How would that change your perspective? The perspective of the person on the receiving end?

I feel strongly that verbal communication is a much better form of expressing gratitude than the written word. Now, don’t get all jumpy/judge’y on me! I realize some people are just better at written communication versus verbal. I know this because I happen to be one of those people. So, I find that I am better at explaining the ways in which someone has brightened my day/week/month/life via a text, a post on Facebook, a card, an email {after typing that I clearly also find joy through public recognition}. But those means cannot replace all verbal communications. They just aren’t the same as hearing someone say to you “I appreciate you.” Humans react strong to words, in both written and verbal form. But to have someone stand in front of you, make eye contact, and say “I don’t know how to thank you, but thank you.” That bears more weight than any Facebook post could ever amount.

I’m telling you all of this {ha! I’m writing it, not telling} because I’m challenging myself, over the next 20 days, to SAY THE WORDS, more than I write them, in daily practice. I want to be more verbal in my gratitude. I want people to know that I appreciate them. I want our Lord to know that I appreciate my life, my surroundings, the gifts which I’ve been blessed. Why did I pick 20 days? Because it takes 20 days to form a habit. I feel confident that if I begin verbally letting folks know how I feel, it will become so engrained in me that I won’t even think twice about it. I want it to change my perspective. Change the perspective of those around me. Have a positive impact. Be the change you wish to see in the world, right? And once that happens, the possibilities are endless. The positivity that will flow through my blood will be unstoppable. Harnessing that positive spirit will push me to higher levels.

I challenge you to do the same my friends. It doesn’t have to 20 days if that’s too long for you – make it over the next 5 days. See how it goes. If you like it, keep going. It can be 30 days if you feel like 20 isn’t long enough. Completely up to you, just a least give it a try. I offer these pieces of advice when you do join my journey: 1. Feel free to focus your positive energy on one person, but don’t be afraid to expand that reach., 2. Change up the ways in which you express your gratitude – verbal, written, physical. If it’s the same you may tire of the practice., 3. Do not go into this expecting gratitude in return. That is a false attempt at a grateful heart., and 4. Enjoy the moment. Do not feel anxious. Do not feel silly. Harness the power of the universe and let it flow through your words, your actions, your body.

And because I couldn’t post about #ThankfulThursday without at least mentioning that for which I’m grateful this week, I’m expressing gratitude for you, my readers. I didn’t actually think people read my blog. I didn’t think they noticed. I didn’t think they appreciated anything I was saying. Your texts, emails, comments, FB messages all gave me a little pep in my step this week. Thank you all for your kind words, taking time out of your day to read my blabbering and entertain my nonsense, and for showing true appreciation for my struggles, my candid nature, and voice. You are loved.

What say you? Joining my short gratitude journey?

Hugs and Love from


Why I Stopped Shopping at Walmart |

Oh Walmart. Do remember the first time you walked into one? How about the first time you walked into a Super Walmart? Not a Supercenter, an actual Super Walmart? We have the third largest Walmart on the East Coast here. It’s huge. Like, ginormous {I’m not sure that’s a word, but I use it a lot}. I mean you can find ANYTHING in Walmart. Anything. Not to mention it is cheap. C-H-E-A-P. When we made the move from Northern Virginia to a more rural area, I didn’t have the luxury of having 4 grocery stores in a 2 mile radius any longer. The closest place to get groceries was a Walmart Supercenter. Not that huge one I mentioned, we have a bazillion other ones. Now, don’t get me wrong we have Wegman’s, Giant, Food Lion {gross}, ALDI, and a few others. So, clearly there is no shortage of grocery stores for me to choose from. But it involves driving a little bit further to get to those. So purely from a convenience perspective, I would go to Walmart, which is 5 minutes from my house {NOT an exaggeration}.

But about two years in, I just lost it with Walmart. And here’s why:

  1. It Takes Forever to Checkout: Why are there never enough cashiers? Why are the lines always so long? WHY? It is no different in any other Walmart either. If I go to a Walmart when visiting my parents, 2.5 hours away, same deal. Visiting my sister in Georgia, same thing. Florida you ask? Why yes, same long A$$ wait. For what? Even the “Express Checkout” has a line 10 deep. I asked other people because I thought maybe it was just me. Nope, everyone else agrees as well. It does not matter what time you go to Walmart you are going to wait to checkout. And not just wait, like WAIT. There will always be at a minimum 4 people in front of you at any given time. And it’s not like these people have 5 things in their cart. Noooooo. These carts are filled to the brim! It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I’m sorry, I don’t care how cheap that can of corn is, I’ll spend 10 cents more at Giant and checkout 10 times faster. Oh and the cashiers are slow. Like molasses. I don’t think they get scored like the Target cashiers do. Not to compare, but I know the Target cashiers are scored on how quickly their transactions are completed. Perhaps Walmart should start employing such practices if they don’t already. Not a sermon, just a thought.
  2. Everything You Need is in The BACK of the Store: I see you Walmart. I know what you’re doing. You WANT me to walk past every single item in your store to get the essentials. I’m not dumb. But please read item number one above. This isn’t helping your case. Nothing about your store is fast. Why do the bread, milk, eggs, cheese, wine, chips {yes, those are essentials} need to be in the VERY BACK? And not just the back, THE LAST ROWS in your big huge store? Do you know how much time it takes for me to grab some milk and then checkout? Do you? Have you done some secret shopping and tried that? How about trying that with a kid in your cart. Oh that’s fun…or not. Don’t make go all over kingdom come for the essentials. Not cool Wally World, not cool.
  3. Produce Goes Bad Before You Even Get to Your House: The produce blows. My bananas go bad in a few days even if they are green when I bring them home. Strawberries always get rotten in a day or two. Watermelon is never delicious. The avocados – YUCK. Either picked too early or moldy. They never have red onions, why don’t they have red onions? Shallots? I’m so funny, I can’t believe I even asked for those. The produce guy didn’t even know what they were. Lort! It’s just…ugh… the produce is bad. I don’t like to spend money on fresh fruits and vegetables for them to go bad in less than 4 days. Which leads me to my next reason…
  4. The Meat Isn’t Good Either: The steaks are so chewy, no matter which cut you choose. So chewy – like eating bad calamari. The last two times I bought their “brand” of chicken thighs, they were funk in two days. I will say the ground turkey isn’t bad. But, I really have no interest in going to multiple stores to buy my groceries – I don’t want to buy canned goods here, fruit there, meat over here. SO. MUCH. WORK.
  5. Shopping Cart Corral? May the Odds Ever Be in Your Favor: I’m not a lazy person. I’ll actually park further out so I can get more Fitbit steps {don’t judge me}. So clearly I have no problem walking a little further to get to the store. That being said, the last time I was there I had to walk over two rows to put my cart away. I navigated my cart, between cars in two rows, with my kid in the cart, to drop off the cart, after unloading my groceries, to walk back to my car…I mean just visualize that. Just put a dagon corral on every single aisle, on each side, in multiple places. Problem solved. Look at the big brain on me!!!

So that’s that, I just got over it. It took too much time, too much work, and not enough ROI. I found most grocery stores were willing to price match any advertised price {like some of the great deals they have on bulk meat purchases}, and really a penny or two on off-brand canned good just isn’t enticing enough for me. To top the whole thing off I started talking to the employees during checkout. They aren’t happy. I get it, it’s customer service. The general public aren’t generally enjoyable folks. But it was more of the policies they told me about, they aren’t very nice/good to their employees {especially around tenure, overtime, and holiday pay}.

I won’t say that I’ve stopped going all together, because that would be a fib. The other day we needed one more bag of mulch and I didn’t feel like driving 15 minutes to Lowe’s, so I sucked it up and got it at good ‘ole Walmonster. I have those instances a few times a month – I don’t hate on them for it. They ARE convenient. But, I just made the decision that my grocery shopping {and most other shopping} would no longer be done at Walmart.

Am I alone? Does anyone else feel this way?

Hugs and Love from


GIVE THANKS | #ThankfulThursday |

Confession, I’ve actually missed my Thankful Thursday posts. They provided me a moment each week to reflect on the time I’ve been given on this earth. Someone asked me recently if it was tough for me to find “something” to be thankful for each week. I smiled. Not in a crappy way though. More in an “hmph” – thought provoking way. Because, I actually think that’s a fair question. It seems like most folks don’t feel the smaller things in life should garner much attention. I think they believe you should reserve your thankfulness for the big ticket items. But I tend to disagree.

If I take a look back at just the past six months, I have several big ticket items to be thankful/grateful. But what about all those small moments? Those intricate little details that usually get glossed over. You know the ones, the thank you’s, the smiles, the bear hugs, the gentle touches, the out of the blue text messages or phone calls, the cards in the mail, the random facebook friend connection with a friend from elementary school, the laughter – all of it. I could go on forever. But those…I can’t allow myself to forget them, even though it’s so easy to do. I can’t allow myself to forget to be thankful for the little moments. These small moments are what allow me to keep going. And not just in “same stuff, different day” mode. But from an emotional and physical standpoint. Without these, I don’t know that any of us can live, like truly live. Let alone live a thankful existence.

Which may lead you to think “what does she mean by thankful existence?” To me, if we aren’t thankful for this life we have been given, what’s the point? If you don’t look around each day in absolute wonder, you should. Do something for me. Get up, stop looking at your phone, and go stand outside. I don’t even care if it is raining or cold. Go stand outside for two solid minutes. Look around you, look up, look down, and close your eyes. Listen. Take deep breaths. Smell. I’ll wait for you…Go!

What did you hear? What did you see? What did you smell? Did you focus on the bad or on the good? Did you feel the radiant warmth of sunshine on your face? Did a drop of rain run down your forehead? Did a bird sing? Did the wind blow? Did the sound of an ambulance whirl from afar? Are the grass and trees so green you’d think someone poured a bucket of paint on them? Was there a weed growing out of a crack in the concrete? Did a dog bark in the distance? Did you catch a whiff of hot coals on a barbecue? Those things. All of those things. So small, yet so large. So miniscule, yet so amazing. The sun. The clouds. The trees. The breeze. The warmth. The cold. The rain. The sounds. All of it. All of those things. How can you not look to the sky and think “My God, it’s all so beautiful.” even if you would usually think “Ugggh another building, more concrete, an annoying dog…”

Now couple that with my neighbor gently touching my shoulder and saying “Thanks for this.” Or the house filling with my daughter laughing hysterically at herself in her crib. My husband walking in the door with a smile so genuine the house could catch fire from its glow. A text from my sister melting my heart that says “I love you. That’s all.” The gentle flutters in my stomach from a child for which I have prayed. How can I not be so thankful for all of this? How can my heart not swell with genuine gratitude? How can I not live a thankful existence? No matter how crappy my day, my week, my month. Sh!t my year. There’s still so much to sit back and be thankful for. That applies to you as well. Yes you, the one reading this. Which is why this week I chose 1 Thessalonians 5:18 – give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. It is my friends, it truly is. And I am so thankful, so so thankful for all my circumstances – the good and the bad. I wouldn’t learn, grow, be who I am without them, nor would you. There’s beauty in the disasters and in the pure, I promise.

What about you? What are you thankful for this week?

Hugs and Love from


hello there |

So last year, I published 4 blogs. 4. 2015 was a hard year for me. Hell which year isn’t hard for me? {laughing} I just got REALLY busy. And by really busy I mean just as busy as everyone else, but in my mind I was super busy. Raising a one year old {who turned 2. Yikes! how did that happen?}, working at the paycheck place part-time, working my Rodan+Fields business part-time, and my Etsy store part-time. I mean for the love! So I just decided about a month ago to drop the Etsy store {even though it was REALLY successful, sigh} and focus on my Rodan+Fields business, because well that’s been the MOST successful {and is still growing, which baffles me each month}. Mostly though, I decided to drop one of my “jobs” because I’m not Wonder Woman. I know, I know, pick yourself up off of the floor. I admitted it. I’m not. Yea, it’s a problem when you assume you are a super hero. Clearly, I am human and not a super hero. But don’t tell my brain that. Which leads me to one of the bigger decisions {involving my brain} of 2015, the biggest decision to go back on my medication for my depression.

Last year I began to have those same thoughts that came creeping in once before. I thought my family would be much better off without me around. I felt sorry for my daughter that she had me as a mother. I felt like a failure every. single. day. I found joy in nothing. I stopped smiling. I stopped laughing. Not in front of people though, oh goodness no! Gotta keep up that front so folks don’t know you are about to lose it {insert heavy eye roll}! No, this was all behind closed doors. My husband was suffering, my daughter was suffering, I was suffering. So, the evening I sat on my couch and truly contemplated ways that I could escape this place for good…yea I made a call to my doctor on the after hours line. That ain’t normal y’all. It AIN’T NORMAL. Happy to say I was feeling MUCH better after a month or so. I was able to sleep again, I didn’t hate everyone and everything. I actually like myself. I was laughing. I was crying for good reasons. And I got out of bed almost every morning with a smile and a purpose. #Winning

Now, onto 2016. Cue January 2016. Andrew and I have been trying since the summer months of 2015 to get pregnant. It just wasn’t happening on its own {not that I really thought it would, I mean come on!}. So, I made a visit to the best OB on the planet and started on Metformin {aka the devil}. I didn’t ovulate until January. JANUARY. And it was only for one day, and I’m not exaggerating, for four hours. Yep, people think this having a baby thing is easy, it really isn’t when you are an old hag like me! But apparently, it worked! So then this happened:

Baby Announcement Using Sidewalk Chalk |

Yaaay! We are so excited. Waverly? Ummm not so much. {laughing} I asked her the other day if she was excited to have a little brother or sister and she replied “No tank you momma.” so sweetly. She also informed Andrew that I was hers and not for sharing “I no share momma, daddy. She mine.” Well okay then kid. I’m sure once the baby arrives and she is super involved she’ll be much more excited {fingers crossed}. Also, speaking of Waverly, homegurl has 0 interest in potty training. I mean 0. She thinks it’s fun to sit on the toilet, but she told me “I wuv my diapah momma. I wuv it.” Guess she’s not ready to let it go juuuust yet. I’m giving her until the summer, then it’s game on little girl!

Hmmm what else, WHAT ELSE? Ummm my nanny is quitting, again. Yep, another one. We are super sad to see her go, but she wants to go to school full-time to be a teacher and I would never ever want to deprive anyone of that opportunity. I think she’ll make an amazing teacher and I’m really proud of her for making the decision to pursue this further. REALLY proud. Waverly is going to miss her immensely and so will I for that matter. BUT, like I said, I’m happy for her. It’s going to be great. She’s given us a great almost two years and in the nanny world, that’s a dagon long time.

Ummm house stuff, nothing. Oh that’s a lie, we had our basement finished. That was cool. Expensive, but cool. And Waverly has a playroom down there now so all of the toys are not strewn across the first floor at all times, which helps my sanity {and my anxiety, and depression, shall I continue listing mental illnesses?}. We got a full bathroom out of the deal as well. Not too shabby. Oh, we got a fence put in – white split-rail, with two rails. It’s so cute, I’m in love with it! I actually squeal when I see it. It’s been a month, I should not still be squealing. But, I am. We planted grass again this Spring. It didn’t work. Mostly because my husband doesn’t water it and expects it to magically grow {I actually just laughed while I typed that}. I got the whole basement and downstairs painted – oh we painted the ceilings white. Y’all. Y’ALL! It changes everything. If your ceilings are not stark white, you need to get on that asap. LIFE CHANGING. I’m still decorating. 2+ years into this house and I’m still decorating and don’t have paint upstairs in the bedrooms. Sigh. It probably won’t ever end. EVER.

We adopted a dog…perhaps not the best idea we’ve had in 2016, but she’s here. She’s a beagle, her name is Maple Bacon. Here’s a picture. I blame that face for the reason we adopted her. How can you say no to that? HOW? Tell me she isn’t a schmoopy pooopy?!?!?!

Maple Bacon the Beagle |
Yea yea she’s cute, but she’s a pee’er and a poop’er in the house. Yeaaa that has to stop. We’ve tried everything!! Any tips readers?!?!?

So that brings us to now, May 2016. I think I’ve covered the good highlights. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to keep up my blogging and not be such a slacker. What have you been up to? What have I missed?!?!?

Hugs and Love from


Free KD printable

July 16, 2015

I have no idea why, but I got a little sentimental over my college days the other day. I started missing my sorority sisters. I started missing my KD’s. So, I just decided to put together a free printable. I remember being in college and having $0 to buy my little sister anything. I also […]

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{Living with Depression}

May 14, 2015

In the wake of many mental-health related tragedies recently, celebrity suicides (Sawyer Sweeten, Robin Williams, and Homaro Cantu) and young athlete suicides (North Texas University student and Tempe high school student), there has been a tremendous push to break the stigma associated with mental-health issues. I’ve written previously about my struggle with Postpartum Depression (PPD), […]

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{5 Reasons Marriage DOES Work}

April 9, 2015

I’m not sure if you read an article that’s been floating around the internet recently, but a male columnist give the five reasons that marriage just doesn’t work for “our” generation any longer. Take a moment to read that column here. Did you read it? Okay good. Well, I couldn’t disagree with him more. I […]

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{Recipe: Ramen Chicken Salad}

January 4, 2015

I know what you are thinking, I do! Yes, I just used the word Ramen as a portion of my title and in a recipe. But I assure you, this is good. It really is! My mother-in-law fixed this Ramen Chicken Salad one night while we were visiting and I just sort of sat there, […]

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