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{2013 Home Projects}

So I’ve put together my list of TOP projects to tackle in 2013. I think the most expensive and most important one will be the re-carpeting of our basement and upstairs bedrooms. I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but I despise our carpet. It’s brown and its cheap. It makes our basement look dark. Not to mention the fact that we just moved in two years ago and it has already broken down in our high-traffic areas. I mean could the guy who flipped our house have gone any lower grade on the carpet. Good lawrd. Anyway, I think that will be where I focus my attention first. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll work on the bedroom.

We repainted our bedroom last summer and then had new closets installed and I have YET to finish up the decorating. I really want a new bedspread, pillows, end tables, and pictures. I also really want to paint the bed and Andrew says I’m not allowed. Anyone want to bet I end up painting that bed? {laughing} So maybe that will be where I focus first. Maybe.

Or maybe I’ll just paint that wall in the basement this weekend and be done with it. Or maybe I’ll stencil it, or wallpaper it…oooooo. So many fun ideas.

So anyway, do you have a list for 2013? If so, what do you want to tackle first?

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2 thoughts on “{2013 Home Projects}”

  1. My #1 priority is renovating our guest bathroom! The master was updated before we moved in, but no the guest. It’s not in terrible shape, I’m just not a fan. Haha. That, rearranging the master bedroom (including actually buying nightstands!) and pantry organization. I know you are waited with baited breath for the pantry “after” though!

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