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{New Years Resolutions: 2013}

Hey y’all! Can you believe we are less than 24 hours away from a brand new year? 2012 has totally flown by. I realized late last night that I say that each year “Man, this year has flown by!” Time just doesn’t wait for anyone does it? So I’m thinking instead of waiting for time to slow down, maybe we should all slow down a little bit. Which leads me to my 2013 Resolutions.

I know some folks are a fan of resolution setting and some aren’t, to each their own. I try to make my resolutions as real and attainable as possible. I tend to think that’s where folks seem to go wrong. There really is no need to set lofty goals for yourself, just be real about what it is you want to accomplish. Now, that doesn’t mean you should set your goals so low that attaining them is a cinch, but if you find you have the same resolution listed every single year (for the past 5 years) just tweak it a little bit so that you can really meet that resolution and heck, maybe you’ll blow it out of the water.

So here are my resolutions for 2013:

I think these are very very attainable and I’m really looking forward to how I can expand on each of these. I tried to make items that I didn’t just want to “cross off the list” but really made me “work for it” throughout the year.

What about you? What are your 2013 resolutions?

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4 thoughts on “{New Years Resolutions: 2013}”

  1. 1. Not fill my calendar so much. It’s okay to say no or miss out.
    2. Stop living in such excess. (I started on this by getting rid of 16 pairs of shoes tonight).
    3. Say no less to my bug.
    4. Unplug 1 day a week.
    5. Read books I’m not teaching my Sophomores.

    1. YES to #1 – it is totally okay to say no! And #2, we’re going to try and live off of one paycheck and save mine, wish us luck {laughing}! These are pretty awesome momma – you can definitely do it!!!

  2. Love your resolutions Megan. For me, this year, I want to work on the following:
    1. Procrastinate less.
    2. Be more organized.
    3. Become debt free ( or as debt free as can be)
    4. Be healthier!!!!
    5. Take time to enjoy life more.

    A lot of these deal with being disciplined and I know I need to work on that the most 🙂

    1. Those are really awesome resolutions CarlyBoo! 🙂 I am confident you can attain every single one of them, and writing them down is the first step. So virtual high-five to you. xoxo 😉

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