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{Adventures in The 4-Hour Body (aka The Slow-Carb Diet)}

I started reading The 4-Hour Body in 2011 and somehow convinced Andrew (who was my fiance at the time), that we should totally try it out. I’ll give you the quick and dirty run down of the “diet.”

You CAN Eat:
-Meat (chicken, fish, pork, beef, lamb, venison)
-Nuts (limited)
-Coffee (2 cups a day)
-Wine (2 glasses of red a day)

-Grains (Pasta, Bread, Rice, etc)
-Sugar (which means none of the below)
-White wine

So basically each morning I wake up and have a cup of coffee and a piece of my egg casserole I fix each Sunday. It contains black beans, spinach, eggs, sausage, and bacon. Then for a snack around 10am I’ll have some carrots and hummus. For lunch I’ll either bring left overs from the night before OR I’ll head to Chipotle and have one of their salads (which is like THE PERFECT 4-hour Body meal) or a salad from Cava which is a Mediterranean restaurant down the street from work. I’m usually not hungry before dinner, but if I am I’ll have some lentils before I hit the gym to keep me from starving. For dinner we can pretty much have anything we want that doesn’t contain any of the no-nos. So we eat a lot of lentils/beans to keep us full and a main meat dish (fish, chicken, etc) and a vegetable side. I’ll then have a glass or two of wine (as my treat – I treat it like dessert). I down water all down long, but I’ve always done that (about 60+ ounces of water/day) so its not anything out of the ordinary for me. If I’m craving a dessert during the day I’ll have some hot tea (cranberry or peach flavored). I know it doesn’t sound like much but it really isn’t terrible. Plus it makes you appreciate what I’m about to share with you…

You get one cheat day a week! This means that you can eat whatever your heart desires for a full 24 hours once a week. For instance this past Saturday (which is what I usually use as my cheat day) I had a McDonald’s Bacon, Egg, & Cheese McGriddle + hash brown. Then, I had a huge cheeseburger w/bacon, parmesan fries, 2 cherry Dr. Peppers, and an EggNog Milkshake for lunch. And for dinner I topped it off with 4 pieces of pepperoni pizza. Yea you could say I probably consumed 5,000 calories and I’m super proud of that fact.

Andrew and I did really well on our first round last year with the 4-Hour Body! We both lost several inches and some lb’s. You should know that neither Andrew or I really need to lose weight. I mean Andrew can still wear his clothes from high school (I hate him) and I’m at my body’s happy weight (which means I still love the way I look in my clothes and a bikini), so it was just something to get us back on the right track and slimmed/toned. See, Andrew and I have a serious sweet tooth. Like when I wake up, I think about what I could have for dessert at lunch and then what I can eat for dessert at dinner. Thus the reason I BodyRock and run like a mad woman.

That dessert problem I just mentioned, yea its come back. I had it curbed for a while after the first round of 4-Hour Body but its become a beast recently. I can’t stop myself and neither can Andrew. So we’ve decided to give the 4-Hour Body another whirl. We started last week and I’m really hoping it will get me to be more “mindful” of my sweets AND maybe help to diminish this small bit of muffin top I’m starting to develop.

So anyyywhooo I have some recipes I’ll be sharing that are 4-Hour Body/Slow-carb friendly AND don’t taste like cardboard. That’s exciting right?!?! So stay tuned! What about you, have you ever tried the 4-Hour Body/Slow Carb Diet? If you did, what did you think?

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11 thoughts on “{Adventures in The 4-Hour Body (aka The Slow-Carb Diet)}”

  1. Great post. I just started the Slow Carb Diet myself and came across your site in Google when looking for other people’s experiences that are also doing the diet. I just started the diet!

  2. Made a goal to start the slow carb diet in two weeks. Heard about it from a family friend and think I can do it. Could you please share your egg casserole recipe? Breakfast is my biggest concern at this point!

    1. Yes! I’ll make it this week and snap some pics and post it. We haven’t had it in a while (I’ve been making eggs/bacon for the week) so I’m kind of craving it. 🙂

  3. I’ve tried this diet before, but had trouble eating within an hour of waking up and still making it work on time. Are you planning on sharing your egg casserole dish? Pre-made breakfast would definitively help with my morning timeline! Maybe it’s time to give this diet another try after the new year 🙂 I do love 4 hour body tortilla soup and Shepard’s pie recipes I’ve made before for this diet.

  4. sounds interesting! i’m down to get rid of some belly that is starting to appear haha, can’t wait to see your recipes!

  5. This sounds like the perfect diet for me because I NEED to have a cheat day. It’s just impossible to be completely strict because Jason and I like to eat out a lot. And I also have an incredible sweet tooth and can’t say no to cookies and ice cream. I’m totally sold!

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