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I’ve been entertaining the thought of staying home with my daughter. In order to make that happen I’ve started cutting costs wherever I can. Some things have been a little harder and taken more time than others {we refinanced our mortgage and saved $250/month – $3,000/year}, but I’ve also found other ways to save that haven’t really been difficult at all. I put together a list of 5 Super Easy Ways to Save Cash and wanted to share it with you. I know there are a ton of these lists out there, and I’m probably duplicating what they’ve already said, but it never hurts to hear a REAL person tell you how they accomplished these money-saving tips in their life, right?

  1. Meal Planning is Key: I’m a huge proponent of meal planning. Though there are only three of us in the house {two adults, one infant}, my husband has been floored at the decrease in the grocery bill since I began meal planning. About 6 months ago I realized I was going to have to do some serious meal planning when I went back to work. Organizing our meals {breakfast, lunch, and dinner} was going to have to be a priority, with the pending birth of our child, if I wanted us to eat on a regular basis {laughing}. I know it seems like a lot of work, but it truly isn’t. Each Saturday {yes, I realize some people do months, but I attack only one week at a time right now} I spend about 30 minutes figuring out what I want to fix during the week for dinner {Pinterest, the interwebs, recipe books, etc}. I do a quick check in my cabinets/freezer to see what I have and need to purchase. I make my grocery list and I head to the store on Sunday. I do not veer off of the list. If you, that’s when the $$ starts adding up. Then, I make dinner on Sunday night and we use the leftovers for lunch on Monday. Each night’s dinner is used for lunch the next day. During the week, the majority of my dinners are fixed in my favorite kitchen appliance ever, THE crock pot. It’s just easier. With regard to breakfast, Andrew and I are pretty easy. I love the Toasters Scramblers and he loves the Special K Breakfast Sandwiches. I buy enough to last us the week, or if they are having a special {BOGO} I’ll stock up. That way you aren’t grabbing something on the way into the office, stepping out for lunch, or ordering out for dinner during the week. It saves a ton of cash.
  2. Stop Buying KCups: I know, I know it’s so nice just to pop that KCup into the Keurig and go about your day. BUT, you can buy the loose coffee filter and fill it with your choice of coffee {brewed to your strength} and save yourself lots o’ money. We used to buy the 24-Count Caribou KCups for $15. With both of us drinking a cup every morning {and two on the weekends}, we were blowing through that in a week. $15 a week on coffee? NO MA’AM! So I bought the loose filter and now we buy an $8 bag of Dunkin Donuts Coffee, which lasts us 3+ weeks. Instant savings! Also, stop buying coffee every morning. Make your own! {I realize that should be #3, but I just had to throw in my two cents}.
  3. Call Your Service Providers & Ask for a Discount: People think I’m crazy, but we call our cable provider a few times a year just to save a few extra bucks. In 2013 we saved over $50/month on our cable/internet/phone bill just by calling them and asking to reduce our bill. We also did the same for our car insurance, saved $122/month without even reducing our coverage. Same goes for your credit card. If you carry a balance {which you shouldn’t!} and have a high APR, ask them to work with you. Otherwise, transfer your balance to a card with a lower APR. These companies don’t want you to switch to another provider, so they’ll gladly help out. You just have to ask nicely {and if they won’t budge, just threaten to leave, works like a charm}.
  4. Have Kids? Embrace Hand-me-downs: We are very very fortunate {and super thankful} that our neighbors had a baby girl almost exactly one year prior to us. They have brought over tubs of clothes ranging from newborn – 12 months. I seriously haven’t had to purchase any clothing for Waverly. Look online {Craigslist, Yahoo! FreeCycle} for folks giving away free bags of clothes or even selling them for a few bucks. It’s definitely cheaper than buying all new stuff. The clothes we’ve been given are in immaculate condition. Think of how quickly children grow out of their clothes. There are some things Waverly has only been able to wear once, that stinks! But I plan on putting together tubs of my own and if we don’t have another girl, I’ll give them away as well. Some lucky little girl is going to have one awesome wardrobe.
  5. Look for Coupons: NO, I’m not telling you to become an extreme couponer. I am telling you that with the Target Cartwheel app, I saved $10 the other day. Yea, about that. Just took me opening up the app at the store, seeing what was discounted, adding them to my app cart, and showing the bar code at checkout. Easy Peasy. Shopping online? is fantastical! Lots of coupons that you wouldn’t know about unless you are on their email list, an employee of a sister company, etc. Manufacturer sites are also gold mines. The Huggies site loves to give coupons out. Who am I to refuse $.50 off diapers? Be careful though, don’t buy things that aren’t on your “list” {grocery, birthday, Christmas, etc} just because they are on sale. Search for coupons only for things you plan to buy.

So, there’s my quick-hit list. What do you think? Have you employed any of these methods? Have any other quick and easy ways to save a few bucks?

Hugs and Love from

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4 thoughts on “{5 Super Easy Ways to Save Ca$h}”

  1. Great ideas Megan! I really need to get on the changing my CC bill to another card with 0% interest. I did pay off one bill this year already (yay me!!) but I still have 2 more to work on. Thanks girl!! XOXO

    1. Kudos to you Sarah for paying off one of them already. Wooohoooo!!! I love it when folks start killing those cards. 🙂 Definitely check into some alternatives to save you money on the interest. It can be quite a bit of savings in the long run, and who doesn’t love saving money?!?! 🙂

      Hugs and lovies,

  2. I so want to meal plan… but just can’t seem to do it! I do stick with a cash-only grocery budget every 2 weeks (once it’s gone, it’s gone) and that has saved TONS of money because it does force you to really evaluate what you NEED to buy.

    I tried #3 with one of my CCs… and they didn’t care what I had to say. They told me I’d have to live with the APR (grr!) And this was after calling them multiple times. So switching is what will happen!

    Good luck working it out to stay home with your little one… it’s not easy in these parts!

    1. Ooooo I like the “all cash groceries” idea. I may just have to give that one a whirl. I agree the meal planning takes some getting used to, but once you get into the swing of things it actually starts to become a lot of fun {trying to come up with new meals all of the time}. As for that credit card company, DUMP THEIR TAILS! Plenty of other companies would LOVE to have you. You can even get 0% for 12 months. So you could pay off your one card, and then not incur any interest for 12 months while you pay off the new one. Just a thought. 🙂 xoxo, Me

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