I’m Megan and that’s my handsome husband Andrew. I try to bring you our life from all angles. Our marriage {and I likes to keeps it real}, decorating our house {because I rearrange rooms like it’s my job}, trying to start my own gig {I cannot work for “the man” another minute}, training for a triathlon {Andrew is the crazy one, not this chick}, staying in shape {’cause we all know that ain’t easy}, eating healthy {which can be gross, but I try and make it yummy} and all that other stuff in between. So, I hope you’ll join us and follow along in this beautiful journey we call life. I’m so excited you are here!!!

Oh, if you are wondering what the heck a McBailey is…well its my maiden name combined with my new last name. Simple equation: McDaniel + Bailey = McBailey <--which is PURE AWESOMENESS I cannot forget to introduce you to our cats Lilly & Tiger. We adopted them from Andrew's parents and they now basically run our house by leaving fur in every possible spot available. I'm like a platinum sticky brush purchaser.

I look forward to sharing our journey together and can’t wait to meet you!

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