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If you haven’t noticed, I just had a baby. I mean ALL of my posts recently have been centered around my baybay huh? Well, get used to it folks, she’s here to stay.:) However, I thought this would be a prime time to tell you some items I included on my baby registry that have been life savers for us during the first 5 weeks here at the McBailey house. I didn’t want to use the word “Must-Haves” in the title because every baby, and their needs, are different. But I have found that these have been a necessity to make our life much much easier.

  1. The Boppy: I mentioned the Boppy in my previous post about what to pack in your hospital bag. It was super helpful after having my c-section and has proven to be even more helpful at home these past few weeks. Andrew and I both use it to prop the baby up for feedings. Additionally, some days she is wide awake so I let her hang out on the couch with me propped up in the middle. It’s pretty awesome sauce.
  2. Soothie Pacifiers: We were given a whole bunch of pacifiers at the hospital. Unfortunately Waverly hated them. She would spit them out and they did nothing to soother her out of a screaming fit. Fortunately for us I knew from my sisters that their children loved Soothies. I registered for a few and my sister also sent me a bunch she had leftover. These pacifiers have been fantastic at pushing Waverly to her true feeding time, getting her to calm down, and just generally soothing her. She hasn’t liked any others I’ve tried to give her, so I think we’ll be sticking with these.
  3. SKIP*HOP Diaper Changing Station: I was actually turned on to this portable changing pad by my friend Becky who writes over at Food for Harper. She is a NYC resident and recommended this for all of those nasty bathrooms and spur of the moment changes out there. We ended up getting two of them {one for my diaper bag, one for Andrews} and they are awesome. I refuse to put baby girl down on the nasty changing stations in the bathroom {one the other day actually had poop on it…nasty!} so these totally come to the rescue. Additionally, they come in super cute fabrics AND they have a clasp closure, a mini wipe holder, and a super easy wipe-down surface. A++ from me!
  4. First Years Bottle Warmer: We actually registered for the Munchkin Warmer, it sucked! Not only does it either not warm or boil the formula / milk, it has this loud alarm that goes off when it’s done under/over cooking your bottle. So, I went onto Amazon to look for another option and stumbled upon the First Years bottle warmer. It had really great ratings so I decided to give it a whirl. It works really well. It heats up the bottle to the perfect temperature, has a really easy push down button, and doesn’t make a sound when it’s done {which is a necessity when it’s 3am and you are holding your baby in your arms. Stupid Munchkin with its alarm!}. The only thing I’d fix on it is how the water vial is stored on the side. It’s kind of awkward and I usually end up just leaving it on the counter instead of storing it in its appropriate place.
  5. 4moms mamaRoo: Cue the angels! Waverly basically lived in this thing for her first three weeks. We have it on our main floor where the kitchen is, so I can lay her down it in after giving her a bottle and watch her while I fix dinner. We can also watch a little tv, hang out on the couch, etc and not be all the way in the basement, or looking at the monitor every minute. It’s like a swing on steroids. The “ocean wave” setting happens to be Waverly’s favorite. It vibrates when it gets down to the bottom and then swooshes her back up. I would like to actually curl up and get into the thing! It comes standard with normal calming noises {water, nature, white noise, etc}, but you can also plug your iPhone {or other device} into it and play additional music. Don’t forget to grab an infant insert {you’ll need one for the early months to support their head and give them a cocoon feeling}.
  6. Dohm Sound Machine: I know you are probably thinking a sound machine is a sound machine, you would be wrong :). This thing can block out any noise AND it apparently sounds much like what your womb sounded like to the baby. If baby girl is having a meltdown I can bring her over close to the machine and it calms her down. My sister found these gems with her first child and ending up buying a second when she was pregnant again. It just keeps you from worrying you are making too much noise, or something outside might wake up the baby, etc. Needless to say, it was one of the first things I registered for because I knew it was legit.
  7. Boon Lawn Counter-top Drying Rack & Stems: I had no idea if this thing was going to work or not, I just knew it looked cool {yep I registered for something because it looked cool}. Thankfully, I hit the jackpot. I registered for the smaller version because we don’t have a ton of counter space here in the townhouse. I also registered for the stems that come with it {to hold nipples and smaller items} so that I could keep everything nice and neat. Seriously, this thing is fantastic. After we sterilize the bottles we can just plop them down on the grass. Any of the moisture just drains into the little reserve underneath and your bottles {and everything else} end up air drying in a jiffy. Additionally, it is compact enough that it fits in the cabinet under the sink so I can stash it away when we have company over and I want everything to look nice and clean. Score for looking cool AND being awesome. Virtual high-five Boon!
  8. aden+anais Swaddle Blankets: These blankets are RAD. They are long and light so they are easy to swaddle and not bulky in the least. However, they are still warm and snugly for the baby. I keep one tied to the arm of my diaper bag and drape it over the canopy of car seat when we take the baby into places with us {either in the carrier or stroller}. I know we’ll need something a little heavier in the coming months, but I just love these blankets, love them.
  9. Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play: This came highly recommended by multiple mommy friends, so I knew I should definitely add it to my registry. These mommy friends did not steer me wrong. When I first came home from the hospital, this was the perfect height for me roll rock a little, directly from the bed, when the baby was stirring. It is also at an incline so if your baby has any reflux issues this will prove to be useful. Additionally, it keeps infants feeling snug and secure. When you put them into the crib they are flat on their back, exposed to the world. When putting them in the Rock N Play, you can swaddle them and stick them into a little cocoon. It comes standard with an infant insert that you can remove once the baby gets a tad larger. It essentially just keeps the bedding a little warmer than without it. Waverly loves this thing. She is still sleeping in it actually. I’ve been trying to introduce one or two naps a day in the crib, but she really only sleeps when she is in her Rock N Play. Trust me, put it on the list.
  10. Bottle Warmer by Prince Lionheart: I actually didn’t register for this, it was gifted to me by my friend Ali. Annnnd I love it. The Alimentum formula that baby girl uses doesn’t come in those awesome little travel sizes. So we have to take pre-made bottles with us whenever we go anywhere. Instead of keeping them cold and trying to find a way to warm them up, this portable bottle warmer keeps them warm for 2 full hours. And yes, it works, we’ve tested it multiple times. It is super easy and can be used over and over and over again. After your first use you simply boil it for 10 minutes and viola, it’s ready to keep your bottle warm for 2 hours. Better? Can’t!
  11. Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor: We were visiting my sister over the holidays and noticed this pretty cool monitor she was holding in her hand. It was stationed in her kids’ playroom and she would casually take a look at them with the touch of a button, move the camera around if she couldn’t see them, and then press a button and ask them questions and they would answer back. Yes, you can talk into this monitor and your kids can hear you and respond. Creepy, maybe. Awesome, yes! Needless to say, it has a super wide wi-fi range so Andrew and I can watch a movie in the basement and still have a crystal clear view of the baby day or not {the picture is amazing on this thing}. Additionally, it provides a bar on the side which goes from green to red with noise, indicating when the baby is crying and at what level {the indicator increases in length and color with the strength of the noise}. We absolutely love the thing. My only complaint, the batter on the monitor itself is a tad weak. So if you do a lot of “checking-in” by pressing the viewing button, it can tucker out fairly quickly. At night we just leave it plugged in on the nightstand so we don’t have to worry about the battery.

So there you have it folks – my list thus far of things we haven’t been able to live without. I didn’t include any bottles, diapers, or wipes because I feel like those really are based on the child {and your preference}. My recommendation for bottles {we tried three kinds before settling on Dr. Browns} is to register for the starter pack of each, that way you can get a sense of what works for your baby. Same goes for the diapers. I would highly recommend against registering for a ton of newborn diapers, they just grow out of them so quickly. Additionally, we found that baby girl did much better in Huggies than in the Pamepers Swaddlers just because of the positioning of her legs/hips from being Frank Breech. So register for a few of the small packs of Newborn diapers and see which ones work best for your baby. As for the wipes, I’m a huge fan of the Pampers Sensitive because I know how sensitive little ones can be to scented items, but again, that’s just me.

Are there any additional items you would add to the list? Have any questions about the ones I placed on the list?

Hugs and Love from

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11 thoughts on “{Baby Registry Necessities}”

    1. Yes! I haven’t used mine yet that I received at my baby shower. Looking forward to putting that bad boy together…actually who am I kidding? Andrew will be doing that.

  1. Those swaddling blankets saved us. We tried not swaddling Kenley the first night home from the hospital (epic fail–hello no sleep) and ordered them with 1-day shipping from Amazon the next day, ha. Best. things. ever. Now to just master the actual art of swaddling… 😛

    1. Ahhh swaddling – soothes a baby into a sweet slumber. Until they become ninjas and HATE IT like my little angel does. I hope for you, my friend, she continues to love that swaddle! 🙂

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