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{My Beauty Must Haves}

I love makeup. No I seriously love it. I have too many eyeshadows to count and lipsticks I’ve worn maybe once (hey cut me some slack they looked good on my hand in the store). That being said, I have 5 primary items that are an absolute must have in my arsenal. Well 6 technically. I would have included my BareMinerals in this, BUT I know that BareMinerals doesn’t really work for everyone’s skin (I’m a Medium Beige kinda gal if you were wondering.) so I took it down to 5.

My 5 Beauty Must Haves Are:

  1. Rimmel Glam’Eyes Mascara in Black: This mascara is legit and I have a gnawing feeling they are going to discontinue it very soon. So go out now and hoard, buy all of it you can. Just kidding, sort of. I already bought two extra last time I was in Target just in case. It isn’t waterproof, so if you’re looking for that, aint gonna happen. It gives you great volume and lengthening. The secret is in the brush! It does a great job of separating your lashes and makes my lashes look like that are 5 times the length they are in reality. Believe me, I’ve tried them all (including very expensive Dior (and I thought it stunk compared to this)). I have a close runner-up, but its a total PITA to remove from your eyes. I won’t disclose what it is until Rimmel makes a terrible decision to end the life of this amazing mascara. Fairly certain I’m not alone in thinking Glam’Eyes rocks.
  2. eos LipBalm in Strawberry Sorbet: So many things to say about this lipbalm. First and foremost its made in the US, which makes me very happy. Second its organic (95%). Third, the design is awesome for application. Fourth, it makes my lips so soft and is a great base before you apply any other lip products. And lastly, you can’t lose it! I mean I lose everything in my huge bag, can’t lose this bright pink “egg” as I call it. Only negative, you can’t put it in your pocket, but its okay I carry my purse with me everywhere anyway.
  3. Bobbi Brown Eyelash Curler: Yes, its $18. No, I don’t care because it was worth every penny. You may think that an eyelash curler is an eyelash curler, you’d be wrong. I’ve thrown so many out I’m fairly certain I’ve tried every brand out there. I stumbled upon this Bobbi Brown one at Neiman’s, scoffed at the price, and then purchased it. I mean, I was desperate and its Bobbi Brown right, its got to be good…right?!?! IT IS!!! This little lover just flips your lashes right on up and doesn’t require you to hold your lashes in a long time OR force you to press down hard. Oh and a little secret about eyelash curlers, put your hairdryer on them for a sec right before you go to squish your eyelashes. YEP, you can thank me later for that amazing curl. 😉
  4. Coastal Scents: This is the holy grail of contouring and blushes. The palette is so versatile. I use it on my eyes as shadow and highlighter, for conturing, highlighting, as blush, for touch ups, its awesomness on a whole new level. The colors in the palette are flattering on any skin tone (really pigmented) and the pots are huge! It will take you a while to run out, even if you are using it every day, like me.
  5. and last, but certainly not least (and should have been #1 on my list)…

  6. Acnomel: I have zits, it’s not a secret. I’ve had them forever. Acnomel is the only product that will cover them with the intensity I desire. Meaning, it dries to a matte finish and doesn’t look all crazy under makeup AND it dries up those zits as well since it contains sulfur (you know I love my sulfur). If you have blemishes or you’re looking for something to keep on hand to cover blemishes if/when you get them, you should definitely purchase Acnomel. I’ve been using it for years. It smells funny, but its a staple (even the hubby uses it) in the McBailey household.

So there ya have it, those are my staples/must haves. What about you, do you have a list of staples? Any questions about the products I’ve included here?

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2 thoughts on “{My Beauty Must Haves}”

  1. I just had to tell you that I went out and bought the Bobbi Brown eyelash curler the other day based on your recommendation! And I’m LOVING it! Great recommendation! 🙂 xoxo

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