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{My Fave Boxed Red Wines Under $20}

1. Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon | 2. Big House Red, Red Wine | 3. Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon | 4. Target Wine Cube Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz Blend

Yea, you read that right, BOXED WINE. Yes, I am usually a snob about wine. I mean I’m not totally snobby. If you were to present me with an inexpensive wine (like an $8 bottle) and I liked the taste of it, I would admit that the cheap wine danced on my tongue like a fairy with sparkle shoes. Because of that fact, I decided to try Target’s Cabernet/Shiraz blend Wine Cube a few years ago when my friend Lacey and I would have “Best Night Ever” together (Friday nights, coincided with “Best Week Ever” on VH1, yea we watched it). We were floored by the fact that it was…it was…DELICIOUS. It was a box of wine, it was $14.00, and it contained two bottles of wine. We’re sold!

Thus began my love of finding the best boxed wines. Many a person has turned their nose up at my love of boxed wine, but I don’t care! I’ll drop $60 on a bottle of wine and think nothing of it, so you can’t say I don’t know my wines or I don’t have a refined palette. I like to think I do know a little something about wine. I also like to think I’m a Sommelier and I’m not, but shhh I can’t hear you! *closing eyes and plugging ears*

Anywhooo, those listed are my four faves thus far. I’ve tried more than a few and if you even mention Franzia we can no longer be friends. Seriously guys, that stuff is trash. The Target Cube is my fave, followed by the Bota Box, followed by the Big House Red, and lastly the Black Box. Want to know the best part? Not a one of these is more than $20! Want the next best part? They range from 2 – 4 bottles inside one box. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, right?!?! I know. It’s mind-blowing. How it’s possible, I’m not sure, but it is, and I love every second of it (and this run-on sentence).

So, what about you, do you love any particular boxed wines? Any thoughts on the ones I’ve earmarked as my fave?

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