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{Closet Demo NEVER to be Featured on Pinterest}

I told you guys I would share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you didn’t I? Well here’s the UGLY! The McBaileys had their first failure as “home remodelers” and the first victim was my closet. Andrew and I had grand plans for this closet. It was going to go from a shanty little one shelf, one rod closet to a two-tired, double shelved, dream boat. Well, well, well weren’t we surprised when we found out that our closet didn’t have any studs AFTER we had already demo’d it. And don’t shake your head at me yet. It wasn’t like we didn’t use a stud finder, we did. We just have NO IDEA what that thing was finding. It would blink when it was supposed to, and you would drill, and nothing, nada, no stud, just air. My poor husband tried desperately to find a stud…60 holes later (not joking) the wall in my closet currently looks like I was attempting a polka dot design, yet I wasn’t.

How is one supposed to hang a track system with no studs? Well you improvise! You add anchors and the anchors clip to the drywall and viola, track system installed. Except (you knew it was coming) those pulled out as well when you put any kind of weight on them. Man this was so fun huh? So we found something in the corner of the walls to get the screws to anchor, aluminum maybe. So, tracks hung.

Next up, shelving. Easy peasy, hang the shelves on the tracks where they belong right? WRONG ANSWER. They didn’t fit. My closet has a lovely 18in depth and with the overhang of the shelf, attached to the track, it comes out 20 inches. So if I hung a track anywhere near where my face would be, I would surely be without an eye. That means you have to hang the shelf so high I get vertigo just trying to grab a shirt for work. Yaaay!! Are you serious closet? You are killing me.

So, as you can see from the after picture, the closet is a disaster. So much so that I’m calling a closet designer. I don’t care if it’s a thousand bucks, I just need someone to fix it before I go insane. I mean seriously, how ugly is that? It looks worse than when we started and I can’t handle it another mention. I have no plans to attempt to fix the other side, I’m just going to let someone else deal with this headache. Closet = 1, Megan = 0

Any disasters you want to share?

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