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{DIY: Thermostat Lovliness}

Thermostat Lovlieness
When Andrew and I moved into the townhouse the original HVAC, from 1977, was still in place. We bought the house knowing full-well we would have to invest in a new HVAC at some point. That being said, we started painting and getting things together before that time arrived…and then it did. Last February it was straight up FREEZING in the house. No matter how high we cranked the heat, it just never was warm enough in here. Not to mention it never turned off. It was just constantly running, which meant the power bill was going to be a swift kick in the goods. We decided the time had come to make the investment in a new HVAC system. That meant a new system, new filtration, new programmable thermostat…waaaait, whaaaa? Oh yea, we were left with this once it was all said and done:

Thermostat Ugliness

Yes, Andrew and I had painted around our old antiquated thermostat. I let it sit like that for probably 4 months before I couldn’t take it anymore. I kept saying I was going to paint around it, but I painted so much in the past year that I couldn’t bring myself to paint anything else. So I decided, with the help of a Pinterest Pin, that I was going to prettyify (fairly certain that’s not a word) my thermostat.

Here’s How

    I have tons of empty frames just laying around the house (what? I have a thing for picture frames) so I grabbed a 4X6 that would fit over the thermostat. I took the glass out and cut the backing off. I realized it didn’t have any of those picture hangy things (again, not a real word/term) so I grabbed one of the OOK Sawtooth Hangers (yes I did just look up the real term online) I purchased in the past and nailed it on the back, like so:

    I decided I wanted to incorporate some chevron into my decor somehow, PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!! I went online and downloaded a free gray chevron pattern and printed it out on 4×6 cardstock. I traced the outline of the thermostat on the back of the print and started cutting. Please note, I did this about 4 times before I realized I needed to cut a slit in the bottom to get the card stock to lay behind the thermostat (I wanted a snug fit, no paint showing, and it just kept ripping when I tried to “slide it over”). Please ignore the crooked picture and the terrible cutting job. I was getting annoyed with myself and all of the ripping taking place.

    Then I taped the back of the Chevron print to the wall, hung the empty frame on the nail, and VIOLA! Thermostat Lovliness!
    Thermostat Lovlieness

    It was super easy and would have been a whole lot faster had I not ruined three good chevron print before really figuring out what I was doing.
    So what do you think?

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