DIY Dress-up Clothes Storage

DIY Dress Up Clothes Storage |

Santa brought Waverly a whole slew of dress-up clothes this Christmas (read: Momma and Grandma found a million on 80% clearance the day after Halloween and we bought all we could get our hands on). Regardless, I needed somewhere to put all of these clothes. We have a closet in our playroom, but the closet rod is normal height and waaaay too high for Waverly to reach. I wanted to make sure she had full access to the clothes and all of the accessories to go with the outfits – and could also help us clean up. I tried to find one that I could quickly purchase, but ummmm $100+…I’m rolling my eyes. I can FO SHO make one for a lot less. So I put on my thinking cap. And here you have it (‘scuse the terrible lighting, it’s in the basement and well, ain’t no natural light happening in there)!

DIY Dress Up Clothes Storage |

DIY Dress Up Storage |

DIY Dress UP Clothes Storage |

DIY Dress Up Storage |

DIY Dress Up Storage |

DIY Dress Up Storage |

DIY Dress Up Storage |

DIY Dress Up Storage | Bottom Shelves

So here’s what I did – I purchased two of these bookshelves from Target:

We assembled them (took like 15 min each) and only put in one shelf, at the very last possible shelf position. We purchased two 3/4 inch wood dowels from the ole Home Depoticals, cut them to size, drilled a pilot hole to ensure the dowel didn’t split, and inserted a screw into each side (4 total).

Then, we bolted them together with carriage bolts at the top and then the bottom.


I added in some leftover wallpaper I had in storage (from Target) that I was going to use in Waverley’s little house under the stairs, so I just put that on the back of the shelving unit (on the terrible flimsy pieces of cardboard they give you (Laughing)) to give it a little something.

Lastly, we secured the unit to the wall because…children = climbing. Safety first right?

So what do you think? Easy peasy (AND SUPER QUICK) way to store all those crazy clothes and accessories for dress up. Let me know if you make one or have made any other ones. I would love to see yours!!

Hope you like it – Waverly is in LOVE with it.

Hugs and love,

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