{DIY Bridal Shower Macaron Bags}

As you guys know I helped host a bridal shower weekend before last for my best friend Jackie. The tragedy is that currently everyone is on the way to Mexico for her wedding, but I am not. My OBGYN told me I wasn’t allowed to go. *le sigh* So I’m pretty bummed I’m missing one of the most important days of my best friend’s life. {insert extremely sad face} However, it’s all in the name of a safe and healthy baby. OBGYN knows best, right? And I’ve promised him I’ll follow his “orders” until Baby McBailey is here safe and sound.

I wanted to share with you another little DIY craft I put together for her shower. Everyone loves macarons {you are probably thinking I mean macaroon, but I don’t, I promise. I’m French like that!}, but I had to come up with a fun way to give them to everyone. So, I decided on white vellum bags from Michaels. They are inexpensive and can be dressed up really easily.

I found these awesome intial stamps for $1/each in the bins at the front of Michales – you know the one – I picked up a stamp for my DIY Wedding Menus in the SAME bin two years back. Those bins are gold mine, so don’t ever skip over them!!

I was going to go with a pastel stamp pad, but it looked horrible on the white vellum. So, I stuck with black. It gave it a chic yet rustic look to the bag. I did a few variations of how I thought the initials should look, and even tried to incorporate an ampersand, but it just looked tacky. I decided to go with the way you see in the picture above. Now keep in mind when you’re stamping you’ll need to be careful and not place a newly stamped bag on top of another. You’ll run the risk of the ink running. Just give yourself some space and line them up. so they aren’t touching.

Okay so we’re all stamped up and ready to put the delicious cookies in…wait how am I going to seal these things up again? Surely I’m not gluing them and I’m definitely not stapling. They needed a little oomph! WASHI TAPE TO THE RESCUE! I used all different patterns of washi tape (within the pastel color palette) to seal up the back of the treat bag. I used one strip at first and realized it was bit boring and needed something more, so I went back and added a second to all of them.

And VIOLA! All done! Super easy and cute right? These could easily be used as wedding favors as well, don’t you think?

Before I close this up I have to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my neighbor Laura for coming over at 11:45p to help me seal up the bags. I mean seriously, what neighbors would do that? Oh my awesome ones! She was at my house until 1am {this wasn’t the only thing she helped me with} the night before the shower. Seriously, I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such rad people.

So what do you think? Easy? Check! Inexpensive? Check! Cute? Check twice! You could totally do this! I mean not to take anything away from myself, but it takes 0 talent to complete these super cute and super easy bags.

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