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{From Brassy to Classy: The New Life of an Old Chandelier}

I know, I know, spray painting ain’t a new thang. I get it. But this was awesome and so much fun and also a PITA at the same time. Actually this chandelier is not the one that came with my house. The chandelier that was put in by the folks who flipped our house was a Home Depot $45 special. It was gaudy. It was silver and had these terrible marbleized white sconces. Awfulness on so many levels. Plus, it was waaaaay too big for our petite dining room. So I decided that I was going to find one that would take its place. I searched high and low and the ones that I really wanted were going to run me anywhere from $200 – $600 (thanks Restoration Hardware and Ballard Designs, you’re killing me!). I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on light fixtures for this townhouse (even though I don’t seem to have a problem spending that on clothes…shush up self, that’s a good thing you got going). So I decided I would make one that looked just like one I found in the Ballard Design catalog. Yes, I covet that catalog, I know you do as well. ALL WOMEN DO – FACT!

If you haven’t been to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area, you really should! The one closest to me is in Chantilly and they get some seriously good stuff. Just a few weeks ago I found a pair of old solid wood doors from a farm-house. Oh how I wanted them, but where would I store them?!?! Sigh. I told Andrew I needed a storage unit for my “ReStore Habitat” as he so fondly calls it. Anyhoo, I found the gem pictured above at the ReStore in Chantilly for $17. Yep. $17. Annnd sold!

Before I came home I headed across the street to Lowe’s to pick two or three cans of Pure White Krylon spray paint. I really debated on whether or not I wanted to do black (or even bronze) but I went the white route. I don’t know, I’ve spray painted all of the other fixtures in the house black or bronze so I just figured I’d brighten things up in here. Though now I’m thinking about getting different light shades since I think the cream ones I have on it now are just ehhhh. Yep, I change my mind a lot.

At any rate. I took the chandelier apart. Then I washed and dried all of the pieces, put tape around the pieces that weren’t supposed to be painted (the cord and the socket/candle). Then I stuck them in my spray paint box. I use a spray paint box in the basement in the winter. It prevents spray paint from getting all over the place, me getting high, and allows me to hang individual pieces and spray them evenly. I’m doing a post soon on this little wonderful creation of mine. So stay tuned! 🙂

All in it took me about 4 hours to do two even coats. Most cans will say that your surface should be dry in about 30 minutes but I like to give them a little more time to dry just to prevent cracking and peeling. After it was all dry and I put it together I decided against using that UFO looking bottom piece. It just appeared very formal and old and wasn’t what I was going for. I mentioned up there that I debated for a long time on light or dark shades. I’m still undecided. Maybe I need a pattern, a different color, what do you guys think? As for the chain cover, I knew I wanted blue from the get go. I picked that up at this great little light store in Fairfax called The Lamp Factory Outlet. Man do they have some great fixtures in there! If you’re ever searching for a new light, replacement lamp shade, parts for your fixtures, definitely swing by the store. Their staff is super nice and helpful.

So that’s that, easy peasy. Nothing a little can of spray paint can’t fix right?

Any cool spray painted fixture stories from your house?

Hugs and Loves,

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