{From Miss to Mrs., a Challenge?}

I’ve never been one to be too sentimental. I’m not all that girly. I don’t really get attached to things. But I’m super loyal. I love my friends. And I love my family more than anyone could possibly imagine.

As most of you know I just got married in October. Well, I guess it’s not “just” any longer huh? I mean it has been 7 months. But funny enough I still haven’t legally changed my name. Yea I know, it’s changed on Facebook. I’m currently a Facebook fraud, what can I say?!?! At least I’m coming clean. But I wanted to know if any of you have ever shared the same, I don’t know, pang in your stomach when I think of losing something that is so much me…my last name. I’ve been Megan McDaniel for 32 years. That’s a long time. It’s who I am at work, its how my friends know me, its plastered on everything I own, including my house. I’m Megan McDaniel. But I married this amazing man, and I want to honor him and I want to be a family, and to do that I’m supposed to take his name, correct?

So why am I having such a hard time finishing up all of the paperwork. Why do I, Miss Unemotional and Miss Unattached, sometimes start to tear up when I think about ending the McDaniel blood line. I’m it folks, the last McDaniel. Why do I tear up at the thought of ending my father’s legacy, my family’s legacy? Why do I cry because I don’t want to hurt my husband or his family? Why am I sad and happy that I want to become a Bailey? Have any of you ever shared the same pang? I would love to know I’m not alone.


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11 thoughts on “{From Miss to Mrs., a Challenge?}”

  1. I had no problem changing my maiden name. It was Schneckenburger. I married at 19 just to get rid of it:-)

  2. Guuuurl Five years later I changed my name-I wasn’t going to and really wanted to carry on the Khalili name since we have no brothers. But one day I just decided it was time. No pressure from the hubby or anyone – in fact he liked Khalili better;) So, I totally get it and some days it is still really hard because I sign my name alot at work so it is constant reminder. You will feel a break up sadness that is normal because it is our identity… but at the same time you have a new beginning . When you feel ready to let go you’ll know. I have to say sooner is likely easier then later! Just wanted to share;-)

    1. Thanks Khalili, and yes I did just call you Khalili b/c that’s how I address you to my sister and when I bring you up in conversation. Seeeee, it keeps happening with everyone. That’s just how I know them!! But you’re right, when the time is right I’ll know. I just hope people stop giving me dirty looks when I correct them and say “actually, its McDaniel.” 🙂

  3. I totally understand where you are coming from. As an only child, i was the only hope for our line. In the end, i moved my maiden name to my middle. I knew that, if/when we had kids, they would have my husband’s last name. So, keeping my last name was delaying the inevitable anyways…it would still end with me just…just years later. I have a bunch of friends with different last names and it works great unt there are kids involved and stuff.

    Maybe make the husband change his too and become the mcbaileys for real.

    1. How fun would that be if we became the McBaileys and our kid’s last name was McBailey? I feel like that’s the best compromise right? 🙂 In the end you’re right. I’ve found my friends who have kept their maiden name just end up giving their husband’s last name to their children and then people are so confused with what is going on with their name versus their child’s name. Uggh nightmare. I’m going to look into this McBailey thing. 😉

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