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{Holiday S’mores Kit Roundup: Free Printables}

Did you know that August 10th is not only a wonderful day because it’s my birthday, but it also happens to be National S’mores Day?!?! I don’t think you can put two better days together, can you? I don’t know about you but I love S’mores. HOWEVER, this is a recent finding. Let me tell you a little story.

When I was a kid, I would go every year to the Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake, VA with my church group. It was very outdoorsy {yea there was a black widow in the shower once} and we would always sit around the campfire at night. On our last night there, before we would leave to head home, we would always fix s’mores. It was a special treat for us provided by our church and the ranch. Well, my last year going with my church group I ate a s’more or two and become violently ill. I mean VIOLENTLY ill. I was sweating. They didn’t think I could make it back home {which was like a 30 minute bus ride} it was {still is} on of the worst memories I have that involves food.

Since then I haven’t really been able to eat s’mores, until last year. We were at a friend’s lake house and we decided to make s’mores with Peeps. I told them I just couldn’t do it because the thought of it made me sick, but I caved and finally had a bite of Andrew’s s’more. Boy am I glad I caved! I’ve been missing out on some serious deliciousness since 1990. NO JOKE!!

So anyway, that’s the reason I didn’t always loves s’mores, but I do now, AND Since Saturday is National S’Mores Day I thought I’d bring a round-up of free holiday s’more kits printables from around the web. Super fun huh? I tried to cover the major holidays and would love for you to share any other freebies of which you are aware.

Valentine’s Day S’mores Kit from Yellow Bliss Road

Easter S’mores Kit from Jeni Ro Designs

Back to School S’mores Kit from Domesticated Lady

Halloween S’mores Kit from Crystal & Co.

Christmas S’Mores Kit from The Larson Lingo

Aren’t these great? S’mores Kits are so easy to make {especially when someone gives you the printable to make for your baggie!} and with back-to-school right around the corner what a fun little something to give on the first day of school {or at the meet and greets} to your son/daughter’s new teacher(s).

Are there any other freebies you’ve seen? Feel free to share below!

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