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{The Northern Virginia House Hunt}

Andrew and I went out on Sunday to view some of the local open houses. Now believe me, I realize it’s winter and it’s definitely not when the most or “best” houses are out on the market, but {and this is a huge but} we were so disappointed. We really don’t have any reason to move right now so this really was just more of an adventure in seeing what’s out there. But, if we found a house we loved, we weren’t going to say no to trying our hand at putting a contract on a house.

Never fear, that didn’t happen. Want to know why? Because all of the houses in Northern Virginia are: 1. Old, and require over $100K worth of work to get them where I would be “happy.”, 2. Small, like only a few hundred square feet bigger than our townhouse., or 3. McMansions, well beyond what we want to spend on our next home. I do realize that we could move a bit further out and get a newer and larger house for quite bit a less than what we’re thinking for “staying inside the Beltway,” but that frustrates me even more than the houses that I’m seeing. I already live 45+ minutes, on an awesome traffic day, from work (and 20 miles away at that) and that was compromise. I originally wanted to stay much closer to work, but quickly realized that if I wanted more space than a condo I was going to have to get my butt out into the burbs. So here we landed, in SuBURKEia. {sighing, loudly}

I don’t know guys, I’m so torn. We don’t really need to move. I mean, it’s just the two of us in this townhouse so we don’t truly need more space. And, I love my neighborhood. Correction, I love my neighbors. Like LOVE. Like, we are BEST FRIENDS kind of love. I can already hear you asking “So why move Megan?” It’s a great question, one which may not like or appreciate the answer – Because it’s an awesome time to buy a house. I know, ridiculous right? But really, not so ridiculous.

See, Northern Virginia is known for it’s ridiculous cost of living and ridiculous traffic. Put those two things together and you have the perfect storm for a real estate market that was barely touched by the housing crisis. Yep, we were actually seeing growth while other places could barely keep each house on the block from being foreclosed. Of course there were folks effected and of course there are those who bought at the prime and are still underwater. But not like the rest of the country. So that means we either buy now while the rates are low, inventory is high, and prices are somewhat level or we risk MUCH higher interest rates and prices like that of 2007.

Even with the lower rates and prices I still can’t bring myself to spend what these folks are asking on these houses. Kitchens and bathrooms from 1984, choppy floor plans, small bedrooms, unfinished basements…it’s just, it’s too much for the work that would have to be put in. And to move even further out would mean an even longer commute and an even unhappier me. So is it really worth it? Should we just stick it out and save more money? Or should we bite the bullet, move up in our price range? Or we could buy a mini upgrade and then buy again in a few years? It all just seems like a lot of work and a lot of money for a place I may not love.

{sighing again}And then I have a moment like I just did – what a first world problem right? Good lawrd Megan…listen to yourself, say the voices in my head. I know readers, I know, things could be worse. But if you’re struggling with the same dilemma AND you don’t think I’m too much of a brat for posting this, your thoughts/insight would be greatly appreciated.

Humbly yours!

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2 thoughts on “{The Northern Virginia House Hunt}”

    1. The market around here is just CRAZY! We’re lucky, we have equity in my townhouse, but Andrew’s townhouse that he co-owns is another story. Good lawrd above we may stay in our townhouse for the next 10 years! 😉

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