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New house means new living room, right? RIGHT! So we brought all of our furniture with us from the townhouse. But, it just doesn’t look right in the new house. The sofa and two chairs setup we had in the townhouse living room is dwarfed by our new living room, and too much for our formal living room. The basement sectional we had is way to large for the new living room and just doesn’t have the right “feel” for the line of sight I’m trying to keep in tact.

This means I have to buy ALL new furniture. Believe me, I’m trying really hard to use anything I already have. Unfortunately it just isn’t working. Even Andrew said the other night “this really looks awful in here” when referring to our big comfy sectional in the living room.

So, we’ve been on the hunt for new sofas and to tell you the truth, I hate all of them. I found one that was comparable in comfort to our current sectional. BUT, I decided I didn’t want to go down the sectional route {this went against my original plan}. My new plan is to mount the tv over the fireplace {I’m not all that excited about this option, but it makes for the best use of space} and then create a U-shape with the furniture. To create the U I’m going to need two sofas {or one sofa / one loveseat} and two chairs, or one sofa and two loveseats. The first choice seems to make the best sense as it isn’t a HUGE room, which I feel like the second requires if you are going to have that much furniture in one room.

I really am having the hardest time with this room and I don’t know why. I’ve never had a problem in the past. I just want to create a comfortable space where you want to hang out, provides enough floor space for Waverly to play, and also looks really put together {but not like I tried to hard} in the end. *insert long audible sigh* Why is this one so difficult?

I put together a little inspiration board to kick my butt into high gear. I can’t keep dragging my feet on putting this room together. I mean for the love, there are still boxes unpacked in this room. EEEEKKKKK. AND we are using it every single day. WHO HAVE I BECOME?!?!

Anyhoo, any great ideas for my living room? I’m completely open to your thoughts!

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