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I don’t know about you, but I’ve really started looking at labels lately. I think its insane how many products have a “Made in China” label. Don’t worry I’m not a crazy “I’ll only buy American made!” gal, I mean I do drive a foreign car and Target is my second home so I can’t really say much. It’s also nearly impossible not to buy foreign products because even our food isn’t grown/produced in the good ‘ole states any longer. That being said, I have been very conscious lately of the push to buy American-made products. On my visits to the grocery store I’ve been picking up fruits and veggies that are locally grown. My next step was to do a did quick sweep of some of the beauty products in my makeup bag / medicine cabinent just to see if I had any that met the criteria. I’m excited to say I did! Yaaay! Go ‘Merica!

1. My NAKED palette, by Urban Decay, which I use every single solitary day, has a “made in USA” stamped proudly on the back. All of Urban Decays products are also 100% vegan, so that’s pretty cool.

2. My Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit, which is my fall back from my NAKED palette, has a “Made in the USA” listed with the ingredients on the back.

3. Oh you know I couldn’t leave my eos Lip Balm off! ALL of eos’ products are Made in the US. Kick butt eos (aka Evolution of Smooth).

4. My beloved Essie nail polishes. They were born and bred here in the states. Woop!

5. The Lashaholic Mascara, by HARD CANDY, which I picked up at Wal-Mart and is pretty legit, just hard to remove (and I think they may have stopped making it even though I just bought it a month ago) has “MADE IN U.S.A” stamped on the side. Hard Candy also doesn’t test on animals, high-five to them!

6. And MY FAVORITE foundation of all time – BareMinerals (original in all seasons except summer, then you go Matte to soak up that sweat/oil). Yesss! I have been supporting American-made all of these years. Now unfortunately their brushes aren’t made here in the states, but hey small battles right?!?!

So there ya have it, those are the items I found in my makeup bag. Of those that I named I’m quite certain not ALL of their products are manufactured here, BUT its good to find a few because it just takes a small little wave to make a huge change. Now, I’ll challenge you, what items in your makeup bag are Made in the USA? Please be sure to share so I can beef up my MADE IN AMERICA collection!

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