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{Maternity Photos from Liz Hough Photography}

Andrew and I had our maternity photos taken back at the end of July with the extremely talented Liz Hough.

I found Liz via the internet machine for our wedding photos back in 2009. I instantly fell in love with her work. I cannot tell you how excited I was to meet her. And when I did…sigh…she just has the most amazing spirit, she is such a good soul. She is fun, relaxed, has quite an eye for lighting and posture, and just a general amazingness about her. So when Andrew and I found out we were pregnant there wasn’t even a question who would be capturing this special moment in time for us, it was just a given.

I wanted to share some of the fantastic photos she took with you. We have an entire collection {over 40 photos}, but I picked a few of my favorites. They all rock, so it was pretty hard to pick my faves.

The McBaileys Maternity Phots from Liz Hough Photography

I’d love to say that I picked the blue/pink because we don’t know what we’re having. But I found this dress at Destination Maternity and it just was so comfortable and flattering {and if you’ve been pregnant you know how important that is}, so I had to have it. Once I had the dress, I picked out Andrew’s outfit without even thinking about the fact that it would be pink/blue. My husband just looks so dagon good in pink, which goes so well with blue, that I couldn’t resist. Sigh…and all of you thought I was sooooo clever. Incorrect Watson, it was just luck! 🙂

The McBaileys Maternity Phots from Liz Hough Photography

If you live in the DC area {or even if you don’t, she’s willing to travel} and you are looking for a top-notch photographer, you should really reach out to her. Here’s her contact info: Website | Email

For any of you wondering I did my own hair and makeup – my wedding was the only time I splurged on having my makeup done and I figured that was probably a good idea for such an extravagant occasion. Otherwise, I usually just take matters into my own hands. I think both turned out pretty well for these photos. Additionally, it’s best to take your photos around the 26 – 30 week mark. At that point you haven’t really started packing on the pounds for the last trimester, you are still generally feeling pretty dagon good {emotionally and physically}, and your belly is nice and round without having that pointy egg shape yet {which not everyone gets, but you could}. Just my two cents, but I’ve found this equation works best for most ladies.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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