{Monday Madness: Weekend Recap}

This weekend was one heck of a whirlwind. For those of you who didn’t know, my birthday was on Friday so we spent the whole weekend celebrating my birthday. Well, not exactly. My MIL’s birthday is on the 11th, so technically we spent the whole weekend celebrating two birthdays.

On Friday night my fantastic husband surprised me with dinner at J&G Steakhouse (the same place we had dinner prior to our engagement) at the W downtown. I love that place. The service is impeccable, the food is to die for, and the wine list (and Sommelier) are heaven on earth. We had the best waiter, Grenacha, lamb chops, steak, and dessert. My fantastic husband also surprised me with a new DY ring AND…wait for it…CLOSET AMERICA! Yaaay! They are coming to the house tonight to do the AutoCad drawings and provide an estimate. I’m beyond excited. BEYOND!

Birthday Dinner @ J& G Steakhouse

Saturday morning we spent the day out on the water with my in-laws. They are so much fun and we had such a great time soaking up the sun, swimming around, and enjoying the great weather together. It was a great boating day and we came in just as it was about to rain. We totally lucked out. Plus Andrew’s parents hadn’t been out on the boat with us yet, so I think it was a great birthday treat for both my MIL and me.

Saturday evening we went to Chart House in Alexandria. I have to admit, less than impressed. It’s the third time I’ve been and while the view is awesome and our waiter was super nice, we waited FAR too long for our food to arrive (even after we ordered appetizers) and my dinner was good, but just good nothing more than that. For $500 (for 4 people) I’d expect a little more than that from the kitchen, wouldn’t you? I will say their lava cake dessert was really good AND they had a great price on the Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc so I can’t complain about those two things. I do wish the dinner would have been a tad quicker, the lighting a tad brighter, and the floor a bit more stable. If you’ve ever been there, and sat upstairs, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I thought I was wasted until I realized the floor was, in fact, actually swaying. Good thing my motion sickness kept itself under wraps.

After dinner we headed back to Andrew’s parent’s house where they absolutely spoiled me rotten with gifts. I cannot tell you how generous his parent’s are with gifts. I am truly truly so grateful for how I instantly became a part of my family, they treat me like I’ve been around forever, and actually call me their daughter. Many people have terrible relationships with their in-laws and I’m soooo grateful I lucked out.

Sunday I went for a morning run (my version of church) and spent the rest of the day running errands. So whew yea, I’m exhausted, lol. Isn’t it so weird how sometimes you just need a break from your weekend? That being said I can’t wait to show you guys what happens with my disaster closet. I’m praying they can provide me a solution that isn’t a total fortune. So stay tuned for more on that!

How about you, how was your weekend? Anything fun? Recuperating like I am today? Why do weekends go by so fast?


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6 thoughts on “{Monday Madness: Weekend Recap}”

  1. Wow, sounded like a fab weekend!! A tad bit more exciting than our birthday weekend, but David is working with a recoverer (I know it’s not a word) right now 🙂 We did get to spend a gorgeous mountain day on Sunday and he got to do a little fishing.

    Glad you had a great birthday, Megan!

    ZVentures hugs back! 🙂

    1. Mountain day and fishing sounds like a fab birthday weekend to me! I’m so glad you are feeling well enough to go on a miniZVenture. Until you are 100% you stay on my “daily thoughts”. Huge and loves, xoxo

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