{Monday Madness: September RAoC Challenge}

Remember back when I was discussing joining a Random Acts of Craftiness challenge? Well, the first month has arrived! The September Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge is *insert drumroll* GAME PIECES. So I have a few ideas on what I’m going to do…I’m lying, I have no idea what I’m going to do. I was thinking about it while I was on my run on Saturday morning (it’s when I do my best thinking) and since most of the usual suspects are out (thanks be to God, no more Scrabble pieces!) I need to put my thinking cap on.

Anyone have any ideas? I mean I guess you’d join the challenge if you did, but in the event you don’t plan on joining and want to have a little team brainstorm, you just let me know. This less than crafty chick is a tad worried about her submission at this point.

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Beuller?


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6 thoughts on “{Monday Madness: September RAoC Challenge}”

    1. OOOOO Hungry Hippos is a GOOD ONE Shannah! Someone mentioned Jenga – do you think its already been done? It HAS to be original…so many things you can do with Jenga!

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