{Favorite Nursery Mobiles from Etsy}

Favorite Nursery Mobiles on Etsy from

When Andrew and I started shopping for Baby McBailey’s nursery I already had a picture, in this big skull of mine, of what I wanted the nursery to look like when it was completed. Yes, I’m weird like that. I see things. No really, I do. Not like dead people, but I have pictures that flash in my head {AND STAY THERE} of how a final product should/will appear. That’s weird right? I know, I know, I can’t help it. Okay tangent, back to the matter at hand. We started shopping for Baby McBailey’s nursery pretty early on. I’m a bargain hunter. I don’t like to pay full price for things and I especially like to find cheaper versions of luxe products. That being said, I also have a tendency to not like anything I see in big box stores. So my need for a good deal doesn’t always pan out.

Keeping this in mind, my husband knew that finding the {perfect} crib, bedding, curtains, etc. was going to be beyond challenging. Not because stuff out there isn’t supah kayute, but because I’m picky and perhaps slightly annoying. I have the picture in my head, I want that picture to become a reality. I’ll even go as far as to try to make it myself to ensure that picture becomes a reality. So, during this nursery development process we began talking about the mobile. {cue scary music}

I began my search online because I was certain no store, in a 200 mile radius, was going to carry what I had in mind. I began my search at the only logical online place, Etsy {did you hear those angels singing?}. I don’t know about you, but Etsy is my go-to place. When I’m certain that no one is going to carry/sell a product I’m envisioning, I’m almost 100% confident I’ll find it on Etsy. There were so many dagon cute mobiles to choose from that I had such a hard time picking just the right one! I thought that if you were in the midst of mobile shopping you might be running into the same issue. So here I am to offer up some of my favorite nursery mobile finds on Etsy. I’ve included a picture of those that caught my eye and a link to the listing on Etsy.

Please keep in mind this is by all means NOT an all-encompassing list. There are just so many talented folks on Etsy that it would be impossible for me to list all of them out. I hope you like the 6 that I choose {and I happen to have a favorite designer in there that sent mine to me all the way from Switzerland!}. It’s also important to note that most of these folks will allow you to select whatever color/pattern/etc you would like to coordinate with your nursery so these are totally customizable products.

Baby Animal Mobile from Love Felt Creations

Love Felt Creations Baby Animal Mobile on Etsy

Flying Hot Air Balloon & Clouds Mobile, from Lovely Gift for Kid

Elephant & giraffe Baby Mobile, from Meme Fleury

Elephant & Giraffe Mobie from Meme Fleury on Etsy |

Safari Animal Mobile, from Drops of Color

Safari Animal Mobile from Drops of Color on Etsy |

Hot Air Balloon Mobile , from Sunshine & Vodka

Hot Air Balloon Mobile from Sunshine & Vodka

Sleeping Elephants Mobile, from La Petite Melina

Sleeping Elephants Mobile from La Petite Melina on Etsy |

I mean seriously, how adorable are these? ALL of these designers offer many additional creatures, scenes, and color combos {as I mentioned earlier} so defintely take a look at their shops.

Do you have any additional Etsy mobiles you think should be added to the list?

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5 thoughts on “{Favorite Nursery Mobiles from Etsy}”

  1. Hello there,
    what a wonderful collection of mobiles. I am the owner of “la petite melina”.
    Thank you so much for including my “sleeping elephants’ mobile.
    Please visit my blog


  2. These are all SOOO cute. I haven’t started looking for a mobile yet, but Etsy is now the first place I am going to check out! I think out of the ones you’ve chosen the Hot Air Balloon Mobile, from Sunshine & Vodka, is my favorite. It looks kind of whimsical. =)

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