{Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal}

TheMcBaileys Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal
I finally manned-up and took some pictures of Waverly’s nursery. Yes, believe me, I realize she was born 6 months ago and that nursery has been ready for pictures for about, ehhh, 9 months. Whatever. I’m a new mom, I got busy! 🙂 At any rate, I wanted to do a formal nursery reveal on the blog. Keep in mind we didn’t know we were having a girl, so it’s very gender neutral, which I love! I hope you like it as much as we do!!

Since we didn’t know what gender the baby would be I decided to go with a gray, white, navy, and yellow theme in the nursery. But let me back up. First and foremost I wanted a gray crib. Actually, I HAD TO HAVE a gray crib. I reaaaallly wanted the Ouef Sparrow Crib but I just couldn’t $800 on a crib. So, you know me, I took to the internet machine to find the best deal. I found it, at Walmart. YEP! Looks just like the Ouef and no one is the wiser!! Megan 1, Ouef 0. I added some turquoise and pink once Waverly arrived just to give it a tad of a girly feel to it. I just love how crisp and bright the room is when you first open the door {day or night}.

I fell in love with the VATE Ceiling Light the minute I saw it at Ikea. I loved how large it was, the amount of light it would bring to the room, and its whimsical appearance. The herringbone rug I picked up from Urban Outfitters. I saw it online and knew I had to have it. ‘m sort of obsessed with herringbone, and it’s not too large so it doesn’t get in the way, but it’s big enough to provide a focal/grounding point for the room and draw the eye.

I also really wanted an alphabet small lamp for Waverly’s changing table / dresser. I wish I could tell you where I picked it up from, but unfortunately I just don’t remember. I do remember that it took FOREVER to get here AND that I searched for 4 days online before I found it at a price I was comfortable paying. As for her changing table / dresser, it’s the BIRKELAND 3-drawer Chest from Ikea {surprise!}. I didn’t want to purchase a changing table and a dresser because we just didn’t have the room. But I also didn’t want to purchase both because I knew we would only use the changing table for a short period of time. Then, what we were going to do with it? So I made the decision to just buy a dresser a treat it as a changing table. Here’s the thing though about doing a dresser / changing table, you have to make sure that the dresser is high / low enough to be used as a changing table. It can’t be too high, it can’t be too low. Otherwise, your back will pay the price.

TheMcBaileys Gender Neutral Nursery

I posted previously about my search for a mobile. When I found this one online I knew I had to have it! Plus, it was handmade in any color my heart desired. You had me at handmade. 🙂 The yellow elephant print is from Ikea. Just to add a little humor to your day, I had no idea that was a baby elephant under the Momma elephant. I thought it was a male elephant and that was his ummm male parts {laughing}. My husband had to point that out to me and explain to me that’s why it was a GREAT addition to the room {mamma and baby} versus my male elephant rationale. *shaking my head at myself, and laughing* Unfortunately it’s discontinued but it is dagon cute isn’t it?

The McBaileys Gender Neutral Nursery Mobile and Crib

Waverly’s room is fairly small, but I knew I wanted a chair in her room. Specifically a rocker. So I was on the hunt for a petite and comfortable chair, with a little bit of “swing” to it. I found this one at Great Beginnings here in NoVa. The fabric is so awesome. It’s the alphabet stitched into a creamy white upholstery. I think I squealed when I saw it. It’s so subtle that no at the store even knew. The ottoman is NOT, I repeat NOT from Joss & Main. No way this chick was spending that kind of money on a moroccan leather ottoman. Instead I visited my friends at and found the same one for a lot less. You’re welcome. 😉 The book ledges are actually just the white chalkboard picture ledges from Target. Sadly they don’t sell them any longer.

The sign on the wall…it still melts my heart and makes me cry {like I’m crying now}. Ii didn’t actually think I was going to have a baby on my own. Then when I did get pregnant, I didn’t think that he/she was going to make it. So this one was of my last purchases off of Etsy. It’s wood and handmade, and is beyond true for Andrew and me. I love it and know that it will stay a centerpiece of her room no matter the decor or her age.

The McBaileys Gender Neutral Nursery | Books and Chair

Last, but definitely not least, is storage and laundry {two of the big things for a nursery right?}. I put the 3 Sprouts Goat Hamper on my registry thinking no one would buy it because it is a tad expensive for a hamper, but it’s so cool! It’s from and the handles fold down to make an opening to put in the laundry, and then pop right back up so you can carry it to the laundry room. I mean, why don’t I think of these things? At any rate, my husband and I both LOVE it because it’s so easy to cart up and down the stairs {and to try to make a “hole in one” when throwing in her dirty clothes}. I received a ton of diapers and wipes from my awesome friends and I needed somewhere to put them, so I figured I’d leverage the space under her crib {no need to waste the space}. I bought three fun print under the bed organizers on Unfortunately it looks like they are out of stock right now, but I can’t imagine they won’t come back!

Gender Neutral Nursery Hamper & Storage |

So there you have it, Waverly’s gender neutral nursery. What do you think? Do you like it? If you have any questions about any of the other items in the pics, feel free to ask away. I’m more than happy to direct you to where I found each and every item. 🙂

Hugs and Love from

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14 thoughts on “{Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal}”

  1. I absolutely love it! Where are the shelves from, the ones under the window sill? We have a window just like that with floor to ceiling curtains and I thought it was a space I wouldn’t be able to utilize because we have baseboard heaters. But thin shelves would totally work! Can’t seem to find them online!

  2. Love your small rocker and ottoman. I looked up that store and I believe it has closed down. Know anywhere else I could get this chair ?

  3. This is giving me so much inspiration for my small room I’ll be using as a nursery! What are the measurements of this room??

  4. Can you share the name of the etsy shop where you got that sign? I love it and the link isn’t working for me. Thanks!

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