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Oh Hey 2016! 2015 {and 2016 so far} Recap…

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So last year, I published 4 blogs. 4. 2015 was a hard year for me. Hell which year isn’t hard for me? {laughing} I just got REALLY busy. And by really busy I mean just as busy as everyone else, but in my mind I was super busy. Raising a one year old {who turned 2. Yikes! how did that happen?}, working at the paycheck place part-time, working my Rodan+Fields business part-time, and my Etsy store part-time. I mean for the love! So I just decided about a month ago to drop the Etsy store {even though it was REALLY successful, sigh} and focus on my Rodan+Fields business, because well that’s been the MOST successful {and is still growing, which baffles me each month}. Mostly though, I decided to drop one of my “jobs” because I’m not Wonder Woman. I know, I know, pick yourself up off of the floor. I admitted it. I’m not. Yea, it’s a problem when you assume you are a super hero. Clearly, I am human and not a super hero. But don’t tell my brain that. Which leads me to one of the bigger decisions {involving my brain} of 2015, the biggest decision to go back on my medication for my depression.

Last year I began to have those same thoughts that came creeping in once before. I thought my family would be much better off without me around. I felt sorry for my daughter that she had me as a mother. I felt like a failure every. single. day. I found joy in nothing. I stopped smiling. I stopped laughing. Not in front of people though, oh goodness no! Gotta keep up that front so folks don’t know you are about to lose it {insert heavy eye roll}! No, this was all behind closed doors. My husband was suffering, my daughter was suffering, I was suffering. So, the evening I sat on my couch and truly contemplated ways that I could escape this place for good…yea I made a call to my doctor on the after hours line. That ain’t normal y’all. It AIN’T NORMAL. Happy to say I was feeling MUCH better after a month or so. I was able to sleep again, I didn’t hate everyone and everything. I actually like myself. I was laughing. I was crying for good reasons. And I got out of bed almost every morning with a smile and a purpose. #Winning

Now, onto 2016. Cue January 2016. Andrew and I have been trying since the summer months of 2015 to get pregnant. It just wasn’t happening on its own {not that I really thought it would, I mean come on!}. So, I made a visit to the best OB on the planet and started on Metformin {aka the devil}. I didn’t ovulate until January. JANUARY. And it was only for one day, and I’m not exaggerating, for four hours. Yep, people think this having a baby thing is easy, it really isn’t when you are an old hag like me! But apparently, it worked! So then this happened:

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Yaaay! We are so excited. Waverly? Ummm not so much. {laughing} I asked her the other day if she was excited to have a little brother or sister and she replied “No tank you momma.” so sweetly. She also informed Andrew that I was hers and not for sharing “I no share momma, daddy. She mine.” Well okay then kid. I’m sure once the baby arrives and she is super involved she’ll be much more excited {fingers crossed}. Also, speaking of Waverly, homegurl has 0 interest in potty training. I mean 0. She thinks it’s fun to sit on the toilet, but she told me “I wuv my diapah momma. I wuv it.” Guess she’s not ready to let it go juuuust yet. I’m giving her until the summer, then it’s game on little girl!

Hmmm what else, WHAT ELSE? Ummm my nanny is quitting, again. Yep, another one. We are super sad to see her go, but she wants to go to school full-time to be a teacher and I would never ever want to deprive anyone of that opportunity. I think she’ll make an amazing teacher and I’m really proud of her for making the decision to pursue this further. REALLY proud. Waverly is going to miss her immensely and so will I for that matter. BUT, like I said, I’m happy for her. It’s going to be great. She’s given us a great almost two years and in the nanny world, that’s a dagon long time.

Ummm house stuff, nothing. Oh that’s a lie, we had our basement finished. That was cool. Expensive, but cool. And Waverly has a playroom down there now so all of the toys are not strewn across the first floor at all times, which helps my sanity {and my anxiety, and depression, shall I continue listing mental illnesses?}. We got a full bathroom out of the deal as well. Not too shabby. Oh, we got a fence put in – white split-rail, with two rails. It’s so cute, I’m in love with it! I actually squeal when I see it. It’s been a month, I should not still be squealing. But, I am. We planted grass again this Spring. It didn’t work. Mostly because my husband doesn’t water it and expects it to magically grow {I actually just laughed while I typed that}. I got the whole basement and downstairs painted – oh we painted the ceilings white. Y’all. Y’ALL! It changes everything. If your ceilings are not stark white, you need to get on that asap. LIFE CHANGING. I’m still decorating. 2+ years into this house and I’m still decorating and don’t have paint upstairs in the bedrooms. Sigh. It probably won’t ever end. EVER.

We adopted a dog…perhaps not the best idea we’ve had in 2016, but she’s here. She’s a beagle, her name is Maple Bacon. Here’s a picture. I blame that face for the reason we adopted her. How can you say no to that? HOW? Tell me she isn’t a schmoopy pooopy?!?!?!

Maple Bacon the Beagle |
Yea yea she’s cute, but she’s a pee’er and a poop’er in the house. Yeaaa that has to stop. We’ve tried everything!! Any tips readers?!?!?

So that brings us to now, May 2016. I think I’ve covered the good highlights. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to keep up my blogging and not be such a slacker. What have you been up to? What have I missed?!?!?

Hugs and Love from

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2 thoughts on “Oh Hey 2016! 2015 {and 2016 so far} Recap…”

  1. SO glad to see you back to blogging! And really happy to see you’re in a better place and got the help you needed. No shame in admitting you need help when you’re down and I love how candid and honest you are about all of it. Excited for new blog posts this year and so, so excited about that new bundle of joy for you! Love and hugs!


    1. Awww thank you RaeYanta! I’ve missed it. It’s so theraputic. I think I was just too overwhelmed to see the “therapy” aspect of it. And thank you – I think EVERYONE should see there is no shame in asking for a little assistance when you need it. Life is tough man, no reason to make it harder on yourself. Also, I’m dying, DYING for pictures of that baby of yours! 2016 is the year of bebes! <3 AOT

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