{Pretty Pastel Bridal Shower}

A few months ago I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend. I’ve posted a few DIYs from the shower {DIY Bridal Shower MadLibs and DIY Macaron Bags} but wanted to share some of the details as well. My best friend was using pastel colors for her wedding so I wanted to incorporate those into the bridal shower.

I’m super lucky, all of the bridesmaids have a creative stroke in them as well so we ended up with heart-shaped fruit, donut engagement rings, a cupcake bouquet, just super fun stuff. So, here are some images, enjoy!!

I really loved the Bubbly Bar and think all of the folks in attendance did as well {we went through 6 bottles of champagne!}.

We found the idea for the cupcake bouquet on Pinterest and one of her bridesmaids volunteered to take on the task of putting it together. It’s harder than you think, especially getting those bad boys to stay on the foam piece {laughing} but it was so cute.

The diamonds on the donut rings were cut out with an exacto knife by one of the bridesmaids husbands! That’s a good man right there. 🙂

The “Soon to Be” banner was designed by the fabulous Jane from Banner Cheer on Etsy. She is the SWEETEST! I was in a bind {I ran out of time to make my own} and she didn’t even mind rushing my order. She was just so accommodating, can’t say enough, not to mention she makes super cute stuff. Thanks Jane!!

I thought it was hilarious that both my best friend and her husband were wearing TOMS so I had to snap a pic of that…just too cute!

I found the J, the ampersand, and the A at TJ Maxx. Totally lucked out on that. And they were on clearance, SCORE! My best friend actually ended up using them at her wedding. Double-score! Love when you can reuse good finds.

So, those are just a few pics from the bridal shower. I hope you guys liked them!!

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