{Quick Moving Tip: Packing Your Perfume}


I’ve moved a lot in my day. From college dorms, from apartment to apartment in my early 20s, and now two different houses in my 30s. As you can see I’ve had my fair share of packing boxes of my crap, moving boxes of my own crap, and paying moving companies to move boxes of my crap. I’m a big believer in wrapping fragile items in both paper an bubble wrap.

However, this go round, when moving from our townhouse to our new house ,I stumbled upon my own brilliance {I’m very humble}. This probably isn’t new and I’m probably going to get the side eye from many of my readers, but my new found way to pack all of my perfume {I may have a slight addiction} is in my socks. Yep, my socks!

It’s perfect really! You just slip a bottle into one of your socks, and it keeps it nice a cushy. Socks come in all different shapes and sizes and so do perfume bottles. Just pick the one that works best. I found my workout socks were great because they have a little elastic in them and cushioning in the heel and ball of the sock. If it were to break, the sock would soak up a good portion of the perfume, and would contain the glass within the sock. Brilliance right?!?!?

So there you have it people. A quick little moving tip brought to you by yours truly. If you’re moving any time soon, I suggest you try it out. 🙂

Hugs and Love from

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