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{How Victoria’s Secret Saved Me From Maternity Underwear}

This post is clearly for all of my newly pregnant readers and those who are currently pregnant and starting to feel the digging in of their non-maternity undies. I know you’ve heard that you HAVE to go and buy them at some point. But I’m here to tell you that’s not true!! See, I found the secret. Oh yea, I’m about to share a secret with you.

Now listen, I know that feeling. Believe me, I know it all too well. Like your circulation is being cut off your legs. Or like you never knew fabric could dig so deep into your stomach. The sheer panic that sets in when you realize you ARE going to have panty lines and you are no longer going to be able to pull off sexy, because you WILL be buying granny panties. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Am I starting to get close? Yes, pregnant friends, I know that feeling all too well.

But never fear, I made a discovery I just can’t keep to myself any longer. You don’t have to buy maternity granny panties! Isn’t that amazing? “But, what else am I supposed to do Megan?” you may ask…Cue The Lacie Thong from Victoria’s Secret. Oh yea, it’s one size fits all, so it stretches. AND ladies, it is SO SOFT, there aren’t any seams to cut into you, and it’s crazy comfortable.

Now, you might be thinking that 3/$33 is expensive. Have you been out to buy maternity underwear yet? Yea, maternity clothes in general are ridiculously expensive. The underwear, no exception to that rule. Expensive. However, you won’t be able to maternity underwear after you aren’t pregnant anymore. The Lacie from Victoria’s Secret. YEP, still can!

Just so you know, Victoria’s Secret didn’t give me any sort of compensation for this post {but if they want to send me free Lacies, I wouldn’t say no :)}. I’m just wanted to share my pregnant experience with those of you who may be trying to avoid the ugly maternity underwear at all costs.

So, did you buy the dreaded maternity underwear? They are hecka comfortable aren’t they? I promise, the Lacies are even better!

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10 thoughts on “{How Victoria’s Secret Saved Me From Maternity Underwear}”

  1. Hello Ladies!

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  2. I have only bought 2 pairs of maternity leggings and actually my regular ones still fit just fine, so. 😛 For the rest of my wardrobe, I’m making do with things that are long and stretchy or just a couple sizes up! Maternity clothing prices are INSANE and half the stuff is just considered “maternity” because of the fit, like if it has an empire waist or something. Someone needs to do a documentary on how much of a racket it is.

    1. Well that’s pretty awesome – my tummy is waaaaay too big to fit into my regular leggings now. I broke down and bought another pair. They can last me the next 9 weeks right? {laughing}

  3. I LOVE lacies! I wear them for running and going to the gym (not that either of those things are really happening right now) but they are SO comfy!

  4. Hanky Panky ones have survived two pregnancies. They look the same. Super comfy! Now, you WILL need granny panties for 4-6 weeks after the baby is born. Take lots of the mesh ones from the hospital. Trust me.

  5. I get those free underwear coupons in the mail all the time from VS and I got a free Lacie and I have been sold ever since.

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