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{Skincare Sundays: 4 Tips for Younger Skin}

Some of you may or may not (most likely “may”) know that I’ve recently ventured into the professional skincare world. Let’s be honest I’ve had acne since I was 12 so skincare wasn’t exactly foreign to me. I actually knew every drug you could take (for acne), every face wash on the market (and how it would/not flare my acne), all of the lotions (and how little/much acne would appear if I put the lotion on my legs, arms, face, etc.), the shampoos/conditioners (and which ingredients would affect my acne)…you are starting to get the point huh? Well now I started aging. Yes, I realize its hard to believe considering how very very young I am (Ha!), that I could possibly be affected by wrinkles, sun damage, fine lines, etc. But I am, and I knew I had to do something to stop it. Funny enough, I did not know that only 20% of the way your skin ages is attributed to genetics. I just figured my mother and grandmother looked awesome so I would as well. I was wrong, bummer. 80% of how we age is based on environment. Crazy right?

So in my quest for fantastical skin I’ve started learning quite a bit about what you should/not be doing when it comes to your skin. I thought to my self “Hey self, why wouldn’t you share this with the rest of the world? Why should you keep such great knowledge to yourself?” I couldn’t give a good answer for that and so now I’m sharing with you. I’m very lofty in my “every sunday I’ll share a new skincare tip with you” goal, but I love goals so why not add another one to the list?!?! 🙂

Those that I’m about to share are probably not new to some of you, but maybe they are to others so MAYBE I’m just spreading a little knowledge here on this fine Sunday (and don’t worry I’m working outside so I can take advantage of this beautiful day!).

4 Tips for Younger Skin

1. Cleanse – First and foremost, please don’t go to bed with makeup on. Pretty please. Also, please don’t go workout and then get in bed without washing off your face first. Pretty please. Both are just going to lead to acne through blocking your pores and allowing bacteria to sit on the surface of the skin. Second, you really need to find a gentle cleanser that isn’t going to rob your skin of its natural oils. That being said, if you’re looking to combat wrinkles, sun damage, acne, or Rosacea, you really do need to find a cleanser that is designed specifically for your needs. I will, of course, promote the Rodan+Fields skincare line, but that’s because I have a vested interested AND because each person I talk with has the best experience with the line. I’ve been using the sulfur wash on my face and my skin hasn’t been this pretty since I was on Accutane in college. Regardless though, please don’t skimp on a cleanser you really do need to ensure the makeup and dirt have been removed from your face and you aren’t stripping/adding any necessities from the skin.

2. Exfoliate – Contrary to popular belief, everyone (with the exception of those with sensitive skin conditions such as Rosacea) should exfoliate. Even those of you with acne prone skin. Exfoliation is the only way for all of those dead skin cells to be removed from your face. Plus exfoliation helps promote the regeneration of skin cells. If you are looking to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and combat thinning skin I would recommend Retinol. Be careful though and be sure to spot test. Some folks are very sensitive to Retinol (my coworker just broke out in hives the other day from using a Retinol eye cream) so be sure to test it out before slathering it all over (be especially careful around your eyes, that skin around/under your eyes is very thin). For those of you with acne-prone skin use a gentle scrub that will allow you to remove some of the dead skin to prevent further breakouts and also to help clear out those pesky blackheads.

3. Moisturize – I know those of you with oily skin are probably now thinking I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m an oily gal myself, well I used to be. Acne-prone, oily skin, a dream for most people right?!?! I started using a moisturizer as instructed by almost every major skincare expert out there, but much to my chagrin because of my predisposition to believe it was going to leave me feeling super greasy and hella zitty. It took some getting used to (not by me, by my skin) but I have a MUCH better texture now and I’m not as oily as I used to be. My skin doesn’t have to work as hard to keep itself hydrated. Its like tricking the system, woooop! For those of you with dry skin you probably already do this anyway right? Well, keep up the good work.

4. Sunscreen – I grew up at the beach. Until about two years ago (my first visit to Mexico) I barely wore sunscreen. I was an idiot. I know I’m going to pay for that later and now I’ve started wearing a baseball cap AND SPF 30 at a minimum before I head out for any outdoor activities. I can’t tell you how important it is to use sunscreen on your face. Learn from my mistakes. If 80% of my aging is due to environment I’m almost guaranteed premature aging because of my sun goddess title. But you’re probably thinking “Megan, I don’t need sunscreen on a daily basis. I work in an office, I’m never outside. I’ll use it when I go to the pool or I’m going to be at the park with the kids, but every day? Come on now!” I’m not here to scold but I am here to suggest that it really is important to use it even if you are cooped up in a cubicle farm like I am everyday. Just a few minutes of sun exposure can ruin all of that good work you’ve done while slathering sunscreen on before hitting the beach, pool, or trails. And who wants to ruin your good work, that would be a bummer right?

So there ya have it, my first Skincare Sunday post and my four tips for younger skin. Do you have any tips you’d like to share?


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