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{Skincare Sundays: 5 Ways to Make Your Acne Worse}

Acne, a subject so very close to my heart. I’ve struggled with acne since I was 13 years old. Its been a long road, but I finally found a product that didn’t require a visit to the dermatologist. I’ve talked about it time and time again but the UNBLEMISH line by Rodan+Fields has truly allowed me to have the skin I did while I was on Accutane. However, I found this fantastic (and informative) infogrpahic and article on the Mario Badescu blog. I HAD to share. The 5 points they make are so so so true and I’ve violated all of them. *laughing*

5 Ways to Make Your Acne Worse – theMcBailey Experience

1. Tanning – I used to go tanning year round or burn the crap out of myself in the summer to try to clear up my acne. Much to my surprise I actually found that the less I tanned my face this summer, the better my acne looked. Dagonnit those dermatologist and skincare professionals were right, the more sun I got, the more I dried out my skin, the more my skin tried to fix the problem, which made more zits. So stop tanning your ass off. It is a quick fix, but really is only making the problem worse.

2. Over Washing – I’m oily. I mean really oily. You know why? Because I was tanning and I was washing non-stop to try to get rid of the oil. Umm, Megan you were making it worse. Yea, I know. I mean I know now, I didn’t know then. And my face was working overtime, just like it was tanning. Sigh, young and dumb right?

3. Pick or Squeezing – who am I kidding? I’m the zit hunter. I love popping zits. I know that’s nasty, but I DO! It’s so much fun. I am truly amazed at how zits form, what comes out of them, etc. I still hate them, but they are fascinating. I still pick…I’m still a violater extraordinaire. That being said, I know I should stop. So do as I say, not as I do, to quote my father. 🙂

4. Excessive Products – When you have zits like I did, you’ll try anything and everything, all at the same time. You aren’t doing your skin any favors. Again, you are making your skin work overtime. There is no quick and easy fix to clearing up your skin. The more products you use, the more your skin freaks out. I’m pushing it again, but the 4-step UNBLEMISH system covers all of the products you’ll need. So stop buying everything on the shelf and give it a looksie. I’m a walking billboard of its success.

5. Avoiding Moisturizer & Sunscreen – I thought moisturizer was the devil. I thought it created zits. Come to find out, it helps prevent them. You just need to find the one that’s right for your skin. Regarding sunscreen, see number #1. I had to stop frying myself, I didn’t want skin cancer and it wasn’t helping my acne. I swear by the Coppertone Oil Free Faces for my face, chest, back and shoulders. I don’t get zits when I use it. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already. Both of these were mentioned in last week’s post: 4 Tips for Younger Looking Skin. And lookie there, they are making it on this list as well. Are you starting to notice a pattern?

So there ya go folks. It’s all about knowing what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your skin. Is this going to cure your acne, no, it’s not curable, but it is manageable and you can take control of your skin. I did, and I’m much much happier because of it.

Any tips for those of us who are super acne-prone?


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2 thoughts on “{Skincare Sundays: 5 Ways to Make Your Acne Worse}”

  1. Oh ugh…I still struggle with acne and I am 26. I keep waiting to grow up. I am fearful I never will. Moisturizer definitely helps because it heals…I always thought it was bad, too, and that the drier my skin was, the better. Nope.

    Here’s to a zit-free future?

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