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{My Decision to Lean Out}

June 18, 2014

Many of you know the notion of ‘Leaning In’ made popular by the book written by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Essentially, Sandberg, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, describes why there aren’t as many women in power positions as we would expect in this day and […]

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{Baby’s First 6 Months: They Never Tell You}

June 4, 2014

They never tell you…babies actually don’t like sleeping. They do when they are first born, but it quickly fades. However, right around week 9 your baby turns a corner, they start snoozing for 5+ hours. It might not seem long to someone who doesn’t have children, but to a new parent, that’s a lifetime. They […]

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{Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal}

March 24, 2014

I finally manned-up and took some pictures of Waverly’s nursery. Yes, believe me, I realize she was born 6 months ago and that nursery has been ready for pictures for about, ehhh, 9 months. Whatever. I’m a new mom, I got busy! 🙂 At any rate, I wanted to do a formal nursery reveal on […]

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{Postpartum Depression: My Story}

December 12, 2013

The post below was written when Waverly was 5-weeks old. I thought that I was feeling the way I was because I wasn’t getting much sleep. Because I had a newborn. I figured it would get better. Everyone told me it would. So instead of asking for help, I let it go on a little […]

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{Having a Baby: What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag}

October 21, 2013

So you’re having a baby huh? And, of course, you are wondering to yourself “What in the heck do I need to bring with me?” Well, I just had a baby a month ago and I thought I would share with you my experience in packing a hospital bag. Now keep in mind, I had […]

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{Favorite Nursery Mobiles from Etsy}

September 10, 2013

When Andrew and I started shopping for Baby McBailey’s nursery I already had a picture, in this big skull of mine, of what I wanted the nursery to look like when it was completed. Yes, I’m weird like that. I see things. No really, I do. Not like dead people, but I have pictures that […]

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{How Victoria’s Secret Saved Me From Maternity Underwear}

July 31, 2013

This post is clearly for all of my newly pregnant readers and those who are currently pregnant and starting to feel the digging in of their non-maternity undies. I know you’ve heard that you HAVE to go and buy them at some point. But I’m here to tell you that’s not true!! See, I found […]

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{Confessions of a Mommy-to-Be}

May 20, 2013

It took me three weeks to publish this post. It has been sitting in “Draft” status just staring at me each time I open WordPress. Today I found the courage to publish it. It’s not one of my lighter posts, so prepare thyself! {laughing} Being pregnant is hard and WONDERFUL. I truly do love being […]

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{Thankful Thursday: May 16, 2013)

May 16, 2013

Slacker Megan hasn’t been posting this week. Monday was my last day of my staycation and then I’ve been trying to tie up all my loose ends here at work before I start my new jobbie job on Monday. Woooop! Today {actually this week, no this YEAR} I’m super thankful for my doctors. I know […]

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{Maybe the Best Announcement Ever}

April 6, 2013

After what seems like an eternity we are finally letting the world know we’re expecting our first child in October. I’ve been dying to tell everyone but I had to wait until the time was “right.” Meaning, I had to wait until I felt like this could all actually happen, like FOR REALS. It’s been […]

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