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{Tasty Tuesday: Just a Girl & Her Keurig}

For Christmas Andrew’s mother gave us a Keurig (and a Vitamix! But that’s for another post.) I wasn’t totally sold on the Keurig and thought it was uber expensive and a waste of money. But when someone gives it to you as a gift, well then you can’t really complain can you? Oh, I did. Because then I had to buy the Keurig pods. I thought it was seriously overpriced and couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to brew a nice pot of coffee. That was until I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond (BB&B) and found “The Wall that God Himself Created” as I like to call it.

BB&B has this massive wall of Keurig coffee pods (called Kcups). And when I say massive, I mean massive. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to turn. What do I drink? What’s good? What’s not good? Who do I turn to in this time of need? I was so lost. So I did what any sensible gal would do, I put as many packages in my cart as I thought my husband would find reasonable without calling me a hoarder.

I quickly snapped out of my haze as I was navigating the cart to the checkout counter, and popped a wheelie making a u-turn back to The Wall that God Himself Created. I put back some of the Emeril ones because he annoys me when he says “BAM!”, then I moved on to putting back the Starbucks brand because Starbucks is trash (please forgive me those of you that worship Starbucks, it just really isn’t good coffee). That left me with Donut Shop, Twinings, and Celestial Seasonings. Three boxes to get me started. That’s not too bad right?

After a bit of trial and error I found that Donut Shop was my favorite hot coffee. Twinings was good if I was in a tea mood. And, Celestial Seasoning iced tea was too dagon sweet for me. I started to venture out (meaning picking up boxes in the grocery store where there isn’t a “Wall that God Himself Created”) and try different types of coffee when I found my favorite summer coffee, the Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Iced Coffee. Do yourself a solid and go pick up some, like right now. Fantastical I tell you. This was also about the time I truly fell in love with my Keurig and can’t imagine a day without it. Some mornings I just stare and smile at that wonderful little creation. Yea, it takes up room on my counter (I’m one of those people who really hates things on their counter) but I don’t even mind. Its too wonderful to mind!

Which brings me to this morning. While at the Serial Killer Safeway by my house (its old, its creepy, and the guy at the checkout counter knows my name and birthday, so I’m certain he’s going to chop me up and make my bones into wind chimes) they only had Starbucks Kcups on the shelf. I decided to try out the Morning Roast because that couldn’t be bad right? I mean its light, its a morning roast, how can you mess that up? Ummmm, this coffee I’m drinking right now, is by far the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted outside of Starbucks terrible Pike Place. What is Starbucks doing? Why Starbucks, WHY? Please, please don’t pick this up for your Keurig, or if you plan to buy a new one don’t even consider purchasing a box of it. Its so bad, sooo sooo bad. No amount of cream or sugar (which I don’t even use in my coffee) could help the nastiness that is the Starbucks Keurig Morning Roast. Bummed if I’m offending all of those hardcore Starbucks fans out there, but I’m just not a fan (as I mentioned up there) and this just doesn’t help their case.

So, for my Tasty Tuesday tip I wanted to let you know:
a) Buy a Keurig. It’s awesome, you don’t waste coffee, and you can make as much as your little heart desires, and you don’t have to worry about the pot turning into a weird solidy liquidy thing.
b) Do not buy any of the Starbucks Keurig blends. Get some Dunkin Donuts, or Caribou, they only sell those in the actual DD or Caribou, but still, just spare yourself the trauma of nastiness being thrown into your mouth.
c) Make sure you get one of the Keurigs that can fit a normal travel mug, its clutch (and it sucks if you don’t).

My public service announcement for the day is over. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Any yummy Keurig flaves you recommend? On the fence about buying a Keurig and have a question about it?


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2 thoughts on “{Tasty Tuesday: Just a Girl & Her Keurig}”

  1. Raspberry Truffle is good. I think it is Van Hausen?And it can be found on the wall God created himself. 😉

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