{Tasty Tuesday: OBSESSION – Birthday Cake Milkshakes}

I stumbled upon the blog Chocolate, Chocolate and more… a few weeks back. That day happened to be the day Joan posted about her birthday cake milkshakes. That day also happened to be the day I fell in love with birthday cake milkshakes. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t love something that combines everything in life I find delicious – birthday cake, milk, and ice cream, in a liquid form. Get better? CAN’T!

So, after a 10-mile run with my neighbor a few weekends back I decided to make my first Birthday Cake Milkshake. It was everything I have ever dreamed of and more. So why ruin a good thing right? But I couldn’t resist. I had to try other things. So, I found Shake-N-Pour Confettie Cupcake Mix from Betty Crocker [Insert the sound of angels singing from the heavens] and Lactose Free Vanilla Breyers ice cream (so my husband’s stomach doesn’t fight back). Best one yet!

Now, the best neighbor ever (you know who you are) is going to try Pumpkin Birthday Cake Milkshakes. I can’t freaking wait. I’ll report on its deliciousness to you once we indulge.

Anyone else tried these? Want to share in their awesomeness?


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2 thoughts on “{Tasty Tuesday: OBSESSION – Birthday Cake Milkshakes}”

  1. Correction: they will be pumpkin spice cake milkshakes 😉 I have all of the ingredients so we should probably get on making those so you can blog about how awesome they are and others will be able to make them just in time for fall.

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