{Tasty Tuesdays: My Love for the Grocery Store is Declining}

This is more of a plea for sympathy (I’m exaggerating) than an actual blog post providing any helpful content. Listen I’ve warned you, proceed with caution. I love the grocery store. I actually, truly, love the grocery store. But I don’t love the grocery stores that are within a one-mile radius of my home. I also don’t love how packed they are on Sundays when I actually have time to go, or after work when I’m attempting to pick up some last-minute items. See the problem is I only have two choices, Safeway or Giant. Giant has terrible meat and produce. Maybe I’m alone in that, but their beef is awful. I mean awful. In their defense they are the closet grocer with lamb chops (besides Trader Joes, which is just a smidge further away like 4 miles from my house). And Safeway, well I believe you all know that Safeway is seriously overpriced. I mean yes, they do have waaay better meat than Giant and better produce as well, I’m not going to lie, but they are just so ridiculously overpriced. $3.95/lb for chicken Safeway? Really?

Now you are probably thinking to yourself that I’m a total brat and I don’t’ want to drive 5 miles to the grocery store. That’s not it, I promise. No, it is. I’m a brat. I mean, I’m willing to drive 8 miles to the Whole Foods and 4 miles to the Trader Joe’s. My pain point lies in how long it takes to go just 4 miles out here. In 4 miles I will encounter over 10 stoplights. Stoplights that are sometimes 90 seconds in length (at a red light – think about how many in 8 miles). Nothing in Northern Virginia is quick. NOTHING. Even a trip to Target, which is a cool .95 miles from my house, takes way too long. It’s just this place. This mecca of jobs, houses, and people. Lots of people, which means LOTS OF CARS. Which means, lots of time spent in your car waiting for the other cars. Which also means lots of time in lines, waiting for the other people in lines. It’s just a frustrating place. You’d think at this point I’d have it down to a science right? I would have figured out the best times to go to the grocery store. I have. Its Sundays around 6pm.

Going to the grocery store on Sundays around 6pm means I have to interrupt my awesome weekend to go by myself to the grocery store and the lug all of our groceries up to our house. If I had a parking spot directly in front of my townhouse, or a garage, oh God I’d love a garage, I wouldn’t be so annoying about it. I’ve considered doing the grocery delivery. They give you very convenient delivery times, in the middle of the day, during the workweek. Yea that really awesome for a “working in the city” gal like me. Oh “but you can schedule it around 6” you say…yea I’m lucky to make it home by 6 on my good days.

Yes, I realize these are first world problems and I should be shaking my head AT MYSELF right now. But its my blog, and I get to vent about what I want to vent about, and today I’m venting about all of the crazy drivers, traffic, people, and lack of good grocers within a 5-mile radius of my house. And that Trader Joe’s doesn’t really count. Its small and never has enough produce. I want a Wegmans. I want a Wegmans to be built in the empty space on 236. Annnd go Wegmans, go, build, be prosperous. Go!! Now THAT I would endure 10 torturous stoplights.

Bleh, I’m being a brat, I know I am. I apologize for my annoying behavior. Rant Over.

Thank you for indulging me.

Hugs (and annoyingly overenthusiastic hugs at that),

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4 thoughts on “{Tasty Tuesdays: My Love for the Grocery Store is Declining}”

  1. I always thought Safeway had better prices than Giant. But I go to the Burke Centre one and refuse to go to the Twinbrooke one. It does take me FOREVER to get there though. And, the best time to go to the grocery store is at 7am on a Saturday or Wednesday evenings. I’m such a mom………. 🙂

    1. I mean Safeway IS so far from our house 😉 However, I went to the grocery store last Friday night (yes I know, total loser) and it was AWESOME! I plan on doing that again very soon, like tomorrow night.

  2. David does all the shopping and the cooking, Oh and we can buy Angus beef right next door at the local farm…… 😉 LOL

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