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{Tasty Tuesdays: Steamed Veggies}

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Ever wondered how long your veggies are supposed to steam? Me too! SOOOO I created a handy dandy chart for you to use that gives you a bit of guidance on my most frequently steamed veggies. I feel like steaming isn’t popular anymore and I don’t know why. Its so easy and yummy. I know, I know, I prefer to grill my veggies as well. But the days are starting to get shorter and temps will start to cool sooner or later so that means I won’t be able to grill my veggies any longer. Its a sad day when my grilling comes to an end because its more work (and colder) than its worth, but never fear, veggie steaming is the way to go. I have a super cheap little basket that I got from WallyWorld (aka Wal-Mart) many years ago and I still use it to this day. If you are using the basket, like me, I don’t do anything special to steam my veggies but I thought I’d share how easy it is to steam and maybe try to make it popular again?!?! 🙂

To steam your veggies:

Put a small bit of water in the bottom of the pot (enough to just barely cover the bottom of the basket), place my the basket in the pot, and let the water come to a boil. Be sure to watch the water. because such a small amount of water boils very quickly. Once the water is boiling, place the basket in the pot and toss your veggies into the basket. Put the lid on and give it just a few minutes. Once the veggies are tender (but not mushy) I bring them out and drizzle a little olive oil and sea salt on them. Viola! Delicious and QUICK veggies that everyone will love.

What else do you guys put in the steam basket? Or do you have one of those fancy steamer pots? <-- if you answer yes I'll be so jealous Hugs,

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