{Thankful Thursdays}

It’s Thankful Thursday!! This week I’m thankful for my job. *gasp* I know you are probably thinking “but you are not fond of your paycheck place Megan, how could this be???” Well, I may not be fond of the craziness that ensues on most days, but I am really grateful for the wonderful relationships I’ve been able to form over the past few years. I have an awesome team, boss, and former colleagues (when I was on different teams) who also happen to be my friends. I know its weird, and you probably shouldn’t be “friends” with the people you work with, but I trust them, and they trust me. So while the paycheck place can drive me batty on most days, I am really really thankful for what it has given me, a paycheck (smiling) and lasting friendships.

What are you thankful for this beautiful (there is no humidity here in DC today!) Thursday?


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