{Thankful Thursdays}

I just got back from an awesome family vacation with the McDaniel side of the family. My family, compromised of my parents (of course), my two sisters, their husbands, and their children (a set of 6-year-old twins, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old) are spread out up and down the East Coast. I’m here in Northern Virginia, my parents are in Hampton Roads, my eldest sister is in Atlanta, and my middle sister is in Florida. It’s rare that my entire family are all together in one place at one time. Christmas used to be our time but with marriages, in-laws (including some overseas), and children we just can’t seem to coordinate the holidays any longer. So, my family decided that we would carve out a full week to spend together each summer.

For the past 4 years we’ve spent a week together in a hugemongous beach house, directly on the beach, in Ponte Vedra, FL. There is absolutely nothing like spending a week making beachy memories with your family. My eldest sister told us about a new thing she, her husband, and their two children have started at dinner each night. They go around the table and tell each other something about the day that brought them thanks. My nephew said we should do it each night at the beach, and so we did. Every evening, we went around this expansive dinner table, one-by-on, all 12 of us, and said what we were thankful for. Their statements warmed my heart, and brought me to tears several times throughout the week. The last night I could barely choke out the words without the waterworks starting. As you can imagine, I miss my family dearly.

When I got home I decided that I would begin logging each night what I was thankful for. I don’t need to necessarily verbalize it, but I do want to keep record of what brings me thanks through the years. I started a new page in my old journal (that I stopped writing in the winter of 2009) and am really looking forward to not only looking back at my statements, but also forcing myself to find something for which I’m thankful even on my hardest days. I’m determined to be good about keeping track and I thought another good way for me to keep track would be via this blog. Thus, Thankful Thursday.

Each Thursday I plan to tell you what I’m thankful for, regardless of the day at work went, how mushy it is, or even how small it may seem. Welcome, my friends, to Thankful Thursdays.

Today I am thankful for my husband who called me on the way home to find out what I wanted for dinner, snagged a recipe, and was bringing up my dinner from the grill when I walked in the front door. He’s such a good man and I am truly lucky to have found him.

What are you thankful for this fine Thursday?


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4 thoughts on “{Thankful Thursdays}”

  1. Very nice idea. Kris and kids were here when I got it and we did what you suggested. They had all been at Erin’s this week and were thankful for her pool, the trail ride, the gem mine, the bounce house, etc. etc. Is that what you meant??:-)

    1. That is EXACTLY what I meant! Through the mouth of a babe right? 🙂 Love that you were all together and hopefully we can get the whole crew (yours and ours) together soon. Hugs and loves!!

  2. I am thankful for social networks like FB that keep me connected with good friends :-). Love your blog, #3!!

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