{Thankful Thursday Numero I Stopped Counting}

Hey peeps! So yea, I took a two-week hiatus from the Thankful Thursday because…I forgot. Yep, I forgot. I got lazy. Go ahead, judge me, I don’t blame you. I’m judging me. Like I’m soooo busy or something. I mean I am a little busy with work, but whatevs. It’s not like I can’t take 20 minutes to be thankful. PERSPECTIVE!

So today I’m thankful for Pinterest. I’m not joking! I really am thankful for that amazing little online pinning system. Not only is it leading copious amounts of traffic to my blog {My DIY Wedding Programs are a hit!} it provides me with a daily dose of things I love. I find outfits I can’t wait to copy, circuit workouts I can’t wait to try, new blogs I can’t wait to follow, and home decor inspiration I can’t wait to implement. PLUS I get to follow you guys and your boards. It’s so neat to see what other people find inspiring or like, we’re all so different and I just think it truly is such an amazing idea and serves as an inspiration to so many. I love those three guys who started it and I’m pretty excited to see what else they have in the works right now {b/c you know they have something else brewing}.

I know you probably thought that was a cheesy “Thankful Thursday”, but if you knew how much time I spent on Pinterest you may not think it was so silly as it relates to me. Just ask my husband. He still doesn’t understand it or why I go into like a time warp when I get on my iPad at night.

What about you? What are you thankful for this Thursday? Are you on Pinterest? If so, leave your name and I’ll follow ya – here’s mine in case you are interested in checking my boards out:

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