{Thankful Thursday: February 7, 2013}

It’s the first week of February, whooo hooo. Guess where I’m going tomorrow? Yep, MEXICO {Isla Mujeres to be exact}. Andrew and I are so excited to get away for a few days together. We haven’t had a few days off to ourselves in a while {outside of weekends, which are usually jam-packed} so we honestly can’t wait to just get our toes in the sand and enjoy a little R&R.

Obviously you know what I’m thankful for today: My trip to Mexico! Not just because I get to go to Mexico, but because my husband is the sweetest man ever. He surprised me with this trip as part of my Christmas present. I mean honestly, the sweetest isn’t he?

But, I haven’t told you the best part, HOW he told me. I unwrapped a box and inside was a scroll of paper with a red shiny tie around it. When I opened it I found a letter from Andrew telling me how much I meant to him, what he wanted for our life together, his vision of our future and why he purchased me the vacay {he said it was sort of for him as well, so that’s why he got away with spending so much!}. I don’t know about you, but this melted my heart. I, of course, cried and just sat there in disbelief. I truly was not expecting a trip to Mexico for Christmas, so I was floored, and thankful, and overwhelmed with emotion all at the same time.

Needless to say, this solidified my belief that he is one of the most romantic and loving husbands EVER. FACT!

So, this first Thursday of February 2013 I’m thankful for my trip to Mexico and the man who made it all possible.

What about you? What are you thankful for this week?

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