{Thankful Thursday: Late in the Day}

Thankful Thursday |

Thankful for:
2 big blue eyes,
1 petite little nose,
10 grasping fingers,
10 slobber covered toes.
2 rosy red cheeks,
1 pair of ruby-red lips,
1 ridiculously cute hiney,
1 set of self-corrected hips.
1 healthy set of lungs,
2 ears that can hear,
1 balding little head,
1 smile, laugh, and baby that brings me to tears.

What are you thankful for this snowy Thursday?

Hugs and Love from

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2 thoughts on “{Thankful Thursday: Late in the Day}”

  1. Hey! It’s your neighbor! I had to search you after our chat last Thursday. Baby girl is adorable! I’ve managed to read through some of your blogs and bookmark your site. I have been wanting to write to you. Thank you for sharing your stories… you are a talented writer! I am so sorry I haven’t been a good neighbor 🙁 you were the very first person to welcome us that late night I moved in… I’ll never forget that. You guys are the sweetest and absolutely the friendliest people we have met here. We are just socially awkward and shy people… it’s true. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions since we didn’t really give it a chance… I always felt that maybe we wouldn’t have anything in common…or that we wouldn’t have anything interesting, clever or witty to say… or we’d be too weird or ghetto (lol)… but I do think you guys are wonderful, beautiful and kind people. I’m actually sad you guys are moving (everyone is moving!), but I know wherever you go you’ll make a beautiful and happy home 🙂

    1. Awww Kim, that made me cry. Why would you think you guys would be too weird or ghetto? I’m from the 757 girl!! All sorts of ghetto happening over here. I think we would have had a ton in common, especially the husbands. Andrew always commented about your husband outside working on the cars – one of the things he loves most in the world. So they would have definitely shared that!!

      Thank YOU so much for opening up to me and sharing your story. I think you serving as a counselor to young girls is such a selfless and giving thing to do. By using your experience to help others you have done the one thing most people in the world strive to do, help. You are quite the woman/person/soul for doing so and I admire you.

      We’re going to miss the neighborhood and all of the crazy antics, but we’ll be back to visit. You can’t get rid of us that easy!

      Much love from 9926,
      Megan <3

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