{Thankful Thursday: Thankful for You!}

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I posted about a rough-week last week and was absolutely overwhelmed by the response from my readers. This Thursday, I’m dedicating my Thankful Thursday to you, my amazing readers {and friends].

As a blogger, you sometimes forget the reach of your posts. There are days I assume no one is paying attention and I just post my thoughts. Writing on this blog has been extremely therapeutic. If you blog {or write} you know that putting words on “paper” can be the best form of therapy for the soul. I have so many blog posts that are sitting in my draft folder, that will most likely never see the light of day. Because when I’m angry, sad, stupid happy, or feeling indifferent, I write.

I write for me. I write for my family. I write for you. That last sentence just blows me away though. I never realized people were actually really reading and following along. I not only received comments on the blog and on my Facebook page, but I received phone calls, texts, and personal emails from people I know intimately, were friends with in a former life, online friends, and some I have never met or spoken with in my life {one from Italy!}. It’s moments like those that you realize the enormity of words. The reach that just one sentence can have on an individual. The emotion that you can evoke without even realizing the weight your worlds hold.

So, on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for YOU, my readers who are now my friends, my support group, my outlet, my bright spots on dark days. Your words, in response to my words, provide more love and encouragement than you ever thought. So thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting me, and thank you for being my friends.

All of my love to you.

Hugs and Love from

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