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{Thankful Thursday: April 18, 2013}

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In the wake of the events over the past week (a teenage girl being murdered in Rockville, a young boy in Fairfax being abducted by his own mother, and a senseless bombing in Boston) I am 100% certain I have more to be thankful for than should be legally allowed.

I found the quote above on Pinterest and it truly couldn’t have summed up how I feel any better. I truly am thankful to be alive each morning when I wake up. It’s another day for you to shed a little light on the dark, prayers to those in need, hugs to the sad, and smiles & laughter to everyone around.

I’ve mentioned before how fortunate I’ve been from a friendship standpoint. With my sisters living in other states and my parents living a few hours away, it can get quite lonely here in Northern Virginia. Though I’m not going to lie and say there aren’t days I feel very alone, there are also days I feel blessed to have that unexpected text message, a post on Facebook, an email in my inbox, and an early morning phone call from my friends.

When I was little people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I didn’t have an answer for this question. I still don’t have an answer to this question. Whenever I meet people who have these dreams that they’ve made into a reality I wonder if I’m doing something wrong, if I’m not a dreamer, or if I’ve become complacent in my life. Then I snap out of that ridiculous thought process and realize one of my dreams was to never worry about paying my bills. Please know that Andrew and I are by no means wealthy, but we are very fortunate to be in a position currently where we don’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll be able to pay all of the bills we owe. This is not something I was fortunate enough to experience as a child and I realize that this was (still is) a dream of mine that has become a reality. I will never take that reality for granted.

And the last piece “LIKES that turned into LOVE” you already know what I’m going to say…Andrew. I’m actually tearing up right now as I type. Blame it on my pregnancy hormones if you want, but I always feel this overwhelming warmth that comes over my body, and fills my heart to the brim when I think of Andrew. Butterflies fill my stomach. He is another dream that became a reality and a like that became a love.

So today my readers and friends I am filled with thanks and love. While there is so much darkness and hate in the world, there will always be more light, more good, more love, and darkness can’t compete with that, nothing can.

What are you thankful for this Thursday? Is it my giveaway? I KNEW IT! 🙂 I kid, I kid, but don’t forget to enter if you haven’t – it ends so very soon (next Monday).

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4 thoughts on “{Thankful Thursday: April 18, 2013}”

  1. I’ll blame my own pregnancy hormones for getting teary reading this. Thanks for the easy out. 😉 That is a beautiful quote! (Any fun showing bump yet for you? My students have been poking mine for the past 2 weeks. :P)

    1. I pretty much blame my pregnancy for EVERYTHING!! It’s truly the only way to do things. 🙂 My bump is out and growing. Honestly I woke up one morning Erin and it was just like there for the world to see. If I’m already this “bumped out” at 15 1/2 weeks, I’m terrified of what 9 months will look like, lol. xoxo,
      Me 🙂

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