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{Thankful Thursday: May 16, 2013)

Slacker Megan hasn’t been posting this week. Monday was my last day of my staycation and then I’ve been trying to tie up all my loose ends here at work before I start my new jobbie job on Monday. Woooop!

Today {actually this week, no this YEAR} I’m super thankful for my doctors. I know “umm that’s kind of a weird Thankful Thursday, Megan!” But let me tell you something, when you find a good doctor, I mean a GOOD doctor, its heaven-sent. I am certain that my OB was sent directly to me by the Big Guy upstairs. Yes, he was referred to me by my gyno {who was also directly sent down by angels} but I do believe there has been a tad bit of divine intervention.

For so many years I was plagued with doctors who could have cared less about my well-being. Countless procedures, hospital visits, and a breakdown later I met my gyno. She is beyond amazing. She treats me like I’m her daughter. She really does. She calls me out of the blue, calls my OB to make sure he’s taking care of me, she is just a top-notch physician and a good human.

As I mentioned, my gyno introduced me to my OB, who is beyond fantastical. Each visit {every two weeks} he sits down with me after my appointment to talk. Just to talk. I can ask him anything, and he’ll answer. He’ll answer truthfully, even if it isn’t the answer I’m seeking. He gives me advice {he even gave me career advice}, remembers things about my past I forgot I told him {he remembers the entire story of how Andrew and I met}, he treats me like I’m one of his own.

So, that’s two doctors, who just happen to be good friends {my OB trained my gyno at Georgetown}, are top-notch physicians, and all around amazing human beings. Pinch me y’all, I’m just straight-up LUCKY!

And with that, this Thursday, May 16, 2013 I am so lucky to have been graced with these two physicians in my life.

What about you, what are you thankful for this Thursday? And I won’t judge you, it can be small or big, it can’t be ANYTHING. I’d love to know what’s running through that pretty head of yours.

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