{Thankful Thursday: May 23, 2013}

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Do you ever feel like sometimes the things you are most thankful for are so trivial? Like being thankful for your most comfortable pair of sleepy pants. Or thinking to yourself “Thank goodness I can lay on the couch this weekend and do nothing!” Do you wonder if maybe you’re using the work “thank” in its many forms a little too much? I do. I did this morning. I said out loud, in my car, “Thank you God for helping me find another way to work this morning!” part jest, part seriousness. I was stuck on Massachusetts Avenue for 20 minutes, not moving and finally had the chance to turn around and use some back roads. So really, I was thankful. But am I using such a strong and meaningful word too lightly?

Each week I take one day to express a little gratitude in my life. I think it’s important to not be oblivious to the fact that most of us live a charmed life when compared to those less fortunate than ourselves. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t do the same thing nightly when I say my prayers or when I’m driving in the car and just want to have a chat with the Big Guy. I just think it’s important for my folks to know {if there are any of you actually reading these Thankful Thursday posts} to know that I truly am thankful for the life I live.

I actually spend most of my days looking around me wondering how I got so lucky. How the world is so beautiful yet so tragic. How time passes so quickly without notice. How we move about the Earth not truly taking in what it has to offer.

When thinking about my usage of the word “thank” {in its many forms} I don’t think I’m overusing it. I actually don’t think it’s used enough these days. I’m trying to get just one person a day to return a thank you, a smile, a small bit of gratitude. Because just one person can change your day and that can have a quite surprisingly huge ripple effect.

So I challenge you today my readers. Thank someone, out of the blue. Just thank someone. A stranger, a loved one, a coworker. It can be for the smallest thing ever like the barista at Starbucks who always has a smile on their face or it can be something huge like thanking your mother for bringing you into this miraculous world.

If you accept my challenge I’d love to hear about your experience. Because like that quote up there says, it is the little things in life that make for a richer experience.

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