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{Thankful Thursday: August 7, 2014}

Rest and be thankful. |

“Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug.” – Mary Chapin Carpenter Yes, MCC, yes. Today, I feel just like the bug. *SPLAT* Maybe I’m being dramatic, but let me tell you about this crazy day so far and it’s only 9:25am. I had a dream that I woke up and my master bedroom sitting room had been completely furnished. I mean with accessories and everything! But when I woke up, no such luck. Still barren with tumbleweeds blowing through my room. Then, I heard the trash guys. CRAP, did we put out the cans today? Nope! And they stink. We had fish one night and scallops another night. Baking in my garage. Yummmm. *vomit* Is that the baby I hear at 6:23am? Why is she up? Let’s have some breakfast, OR NOT. The baby will not eat anything I give her these days. Unless of course it’s scrambled eggs, ground hamburger, yogurt, or an avocado. Truly, those are the only things she’ll eat. Awesome, the banging next door has started. Each morning at 7:01am nail guns, hammers, and a generator start pounding away. For 10 solid hours. Living next to a house under construction is awesome {I do realize it’s not permanent}. Oh what’s that I see in my email inbox from work? I forgot to do quarterly assessments for my portfolios…FOR Q2!!!! Did I mention it’s 9:25am?

HOWEVER, I’m not going to let that get me down because guess what…have you made your guesses yet? This weekend is my birthday! Yaaay, well not for my birthday because that just means I’m getting closer to 40. I’m excited because my sweet, thoughtful, loving, generous {shall I go on?} husband planned a surprise getaway to the filthy Rich {otherwise known as Richmond, VA} for just the two of us. That’s right, just us. Now, I’ve never been away from the baby for more than 12 hours so this could get interesting. BUT, BUT, BUT this is a good thing. Momma needs some uninterrupted time with her gorgeous husband. Momma needs to not hear nail guns and hammers. Momma needs to sleep in. Momma needs a break. It’s been almost 11 months without a break lasting more than the 12 hours I was commuting to/working/commuting from work. So the husband and I plan to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. We are having manicure/pedicures {he’s really excited about that…crickets}, going shopping, drinking wine, having yummy dinners. It’s going to just be nice to have a moment to relax and reflect on all that I have to be thankful for in this wonderful, blessed life I live.

So today, on this first Thankful Thursday of August 2014, I’m thankful for my upcoming weekend adventure. For the opportunity to take a step back from the routine of daily life and have time to absorb the blessings I’ve been given thus far.

What about you my friend, what are you thankful for today?

Hugs and Love from

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