{Thankful Thursday: August 29, 2013}

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The last Thursday of August 2013 has arrived. It’s also Labor Day this weekend, which marks the “official end of summer.” I’ve never really understood why Labor Day marks the end of summer. If you live here on the East Coast you and I both know it’s going to be hotter than Hades until the end of September. Yet our pools still close. Bizarre right? I guess it’s because the kids go back to school, but I know so many children (including my nieces/nephews) who have already gone back to school. Additionally, the first day of Fall isn’t even until September 22, so we got a few weeks to go. So, the whole “Official End of Summer” thing is super confusing to me.

This week has been a little harder than most while on my bed rest. I can’t exactly pinpoint why. Some highlight of the week were our good friend Libby coming to visit me {and bringing brownies, yummm}, Andrew and his ex receiving an offer on their house {and possibly another two this morning}, and finally being allowed to take some Prevacid which has cut the serious indigestion out {thank the heavens above I’ve finally stopped puking}. Some low lights, I’m so uncomfortable sleeping, which makes me pretty tired during the day. I’m lucky that I’m on bed rest so I can nap whenever the urge hits me {and believe me, I realize many other pregnant women do not have this luxury}. I also have some of the typical pregnancy woes: pain in my lower back, my feet are killing me {my heels especially}, I have no appetite, blah blah. I’m complaining about normal pregnancy stuff and just need to get over it.

TO get me out of this silly funk, I’ll get to the task at hand, Thankful Thursday. You may never hear/see me say these words again, so here it goes, today I’m thankful for my cat Tiger. Yes, I realize some of you are gasping right now. We inherited two cats from my in-laws after our German Shepherd Casey passed away. We thought it would be a great way to bring a little noise and warm and fuzzy friends back into our house. Don’t get me wrong, they are sweet cats, but they are just into everything. Having two of them is just a handful. Plus, Lilly is long-haired so she pukes up hair balls constantly, and her food, and anything else she happens to get into. Regardless, since I’ve been pregnant Lilly has avoided me at all costs {she used to follow me around} and Tiger has become my bestie {he used to follow Andrew around}. He’s actually a little protective over me. The cat spends the entire day either in my lap or by side, which has been such a blessing.

When you are home on bed rest it can get a tad lonely and monotonous. So it’s been really nice to have someone {yes I just referred to him as a person} to talk to and hang out with. The cat has actually made my days better, which I would have never expected. To be honest, Andrew and I are pretty concerned about the cats and the baby. When we had friends over previously with a newborn the cats were hissing at the baby. That just can’t happen. Neither of them have front claws, so that’s a plus, but I just don’t want them getting aggressive. I was fine before with maybe finding a new good home for both of them, should it not work out. But now, I don’t know if I could let Tiger go. This cat has essentially watched me cry, listened to me talk, purred when I needed him to, kept me warm when I was cold, and laid his head on my belly when the baby kicks {and purrs in response}.

So anyway, today, I’m thankful for this stupid cat {laughing}, who can’t read this post, and will never know that I’m thankful for him. Thankful for a cat…silly right? Oh well, I promised to keep it real with you guys.

What about you? What you are thankful for today?

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