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{Thankful Thursday: Postponing Joy}

Do you find yourself saying “If I could just [fill in the blank] I’d be so much happier”? I caught myself saying that yesterday in the car when chatting about the woes of Northern Virginia traffic and cost of living. But really, would [fill in the blank] make me/you THAT much happier? Am I doing myself a disservice by always wishing for the next best thing or not just looking around and realizing I’ve got a pretty great life laid out right in front of me? I think I probably am. Because really, working from home 5-days a week might sound awesome, but I’d miss my coworkers. I’d miss walking to lunch at Panera and Chipotle. I’d miss my phone time in the car with my family and friends. So maybe working from home 5 days a week wouldn’t make me all that much happier.

Today I’m thankful for my running buddy and new bestie neighbor Liz. Because of Liz I’m feeling pretty prepared for the Ragnar race next weekend. She made me get up at 6:30/7:00am on Saturday/Sunday mornings to run 10+ miles, even after we drank a bottle of wine or stayed up until 2am. Okay, okay maybe she didn’t makeme, but because of her I pushed myself. I took myself out of my comfort zone and I’m feeling strong and fast (fast for me). Additionally, she’s made me like our neighborhood. Its true, one person (and a few others) have changed my whole view on our neighborhood. I got mushy with her last weekend (and I was sober) because I’m so thankful that she was brought into my life at the time that she was. I love her family (her kids are the best and her husband is hilarious) and I love that she makes me feel like we’ve known each other forever. So thank you Liz for all that you’ve done these past few weeks. I truly appreciate you and your family. *I got mushy on my blog and over text message. I mean that’s twice in one week, someone write this down!*

So two things, on this Thankful Thursday I want you to take a moment to think of that word/phrase/etc you inserted into the sentence above (because I know you’ve done it). Some of the things may actually make you a bit happier. But are you postponing the joy in your life by not throwing some of those menial things off to the side? And, of course, what are you thankful for?


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4 thoughts on “{Thankful Thursday: Postponing Joy}”

  1. Awwwwww!!! I love this!! I am so thankful for your happy, positive outlook on life. I love it how you don’t let things get you down or keep you down, but instead you put time and effort into turning it up and making life better. Knowing you has made me a happier and friendlier person! Love ya babe!!

  2. Today, Megan, I am thankful for you!!! I look forward to your blog posts, whether they always apply or not. They make me think over things differently, dream a little more and above always, they make me smile!!!

    So cheers lovely!

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