{Thankful Thursday a Day Late}

I’m a day late, yep, its Friday and I’m posting about Thankful Thursday. Whooops! It was our anniversary on Monday, Andrew’s Bday on Tuesday, and a few late nights at the office so this week just wasn’t my week for publishing on time *laughing*

However, that doesn’t mean you get to skip Thankful Thursday either. I mean maybe Thankful Friday could be the new thing?!?! *I kid I kid*

Well since it was our anniversary and Andrew’s birthday this week I bet you can guess what I’m thankful for this week (or should I say WHO I’m thankful for), that’s right my wonderful husband. I’ve never met such a positive guy. He sees the silver lining in everything. Crappy day? That’s okay, you get to do it all over again tomorrow! Sick of your job? That’s okay, just start looking for another one! Bad hair day? That’s okay, you have hair and it looks beautiful to me! I’m serious, these are things that he says. He’s amazing. I’m sure you saw my anniversary post on Monday where I thanked him for being straight up rad, but today I wanted to thank him for being such a positive influence in my life and for always finding the positive side (and joke) to every situation. I never been more sure about anyone or anything in my life as I am Andrew. And I KNOW that God made him especially for me, ain’t another one out there like ’em. Love your face babe.

What about you? What are you thankful for this Thursday Friday?

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