{Thankful Thursday: November 14, 2013}

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I skipped two weeks of Thankful Thursday, shame on me. I’ll give myself a pass though, the munchkin just wouldn’t allow me to get any blogging time in these past few weeks. How dare she?!?! 😉

Out here on the interwebs there has been a ton of discussion around November being the “Month of Thanks” or “Thankful November” and I LOVES it! While I attempt to be diligent about my weekly giving of thanks, it makes me happy to see folks devoting an entire month, week, or even a few days to display their gratitude.

Believe me, when I first started this, the task seemed daunting. Is my thanks to general? Too big? Not big enough? Silly? The answer to those questions, No. No. No. and No. Don’t get hung up on making a big speech or worrying about how trivial one might find what you are thankful for, just be thankful. The first thing that comes to your mind, write it down. If you have multiple things, store ’em up OR write them all that day. You aren’t limited to just one item of thanks.

I know if you are anything like me it’s kind of crazy to realize what a blessed life you live. Even the smallest of things {like being thankful for the baby doing three, 3-hour sleep intervals last night} brings joy to my life, and that is what is important.

So on this Thankful Thursday, my first of November {again, shame on me}, I am thankful the baby slept for three, 3-hour intervals last night. The night previous was quite a doozy. First off, Andrew is traveling this week for work so I’m handling things here hans solo {he traveled last week as well}. Tuesday afternoon I came into Waverly’s room and found blood all over her mittens and her shirt, her first nose bleed. I FAH-REAKED! I called the pediatrician immediately and talked with her. She calmed me down, told me it was probably just the dry air in the house and to just watch it carefully, put a little petroleum jelly on her septum, and call her {at any time} if it happened again. Whew! However, she did say that she could have swallowed a little bit so that may have made her a tad nauseous, so I needed to be on the lookout for that as well.

Well, after that incident baby girl was NOT interested in sleeping, or being happy. Poor thing. She was crying from 6pm – midnight. Then, was up every hour on the hour. Yea…that seems like it was fun huh? Not so much. Oh, not to mention I’m taking her up to her room around 6ish {while she was crying} and I see a HUGE wolf spider creeping across the floor. EEEEKKKKK. I hate those things. I was trying to teach my daughter to be super brave, so I chased it with my shoe {don’t worry I had put her down to tackle this hairy monstrous spider}. When it crammed itself into a corner and I couldn’t reach it, I did what any rational human would do, I sprayed it with 409 cleaner. DEAD ON IMPACT. Yes, Waverly was crying the entire time but I was almost crying as well. I was certain the spider was going to attack me and kill me with its venom. What? It’s possible!!!

At any rate, yesterday Waverly laughed at me when I asked her to go down nicely for her naps. No I’m serious, she actually smiled at me and kicked her legs like “Mom, you’z a fool!” So I just assumed last night was going to be torture. But, she proved me wrong and allowed me to get almost 5 hours sleep in total {1 hour, 2 hours, 2 hours, WOOP}. *Cue the chorus of angels* So today, on this Thankful Thursday, it may be small and may seem trivial to you, but I’m so thankful that Waverly had a good night’s rest {and allowed her mom to sort of do the same}.

What are you thankful for today? Are you participating in Thankful November? If so and you want to keep track of your daily thanks on paper, I made these fun printables last year that you can use!

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