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It’s Thankful Thursday again. Funny how that happens every week huh? 😉 I’ve had a rough few weeks. And by few weeks I mean 7+ weeks. Yea, my child turns 9 weeks tomorrow today, so you can probably see where this is going. I’ve mentioned it before, but no one can really prepare you for motherhood. Especially not with your first child. Then you throw a husband traveling for work into the mix and you have yourself quite the situation.

Weekend before last Andrew said to me “You never smile anymore.” I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that statement at the time. I also didn’t have a clue who to talk to about it. The thing is, I realize most folks have their own lives to deal with and don’t need me throwing my problems into the pot. Life is not easy for anyone, especially those who have children and jobs of their own. So, I never want to be a burden on those around me. I’ve also spent the better part of my life being “the happy one.” I’m always laughing, always smiling, and tend to find the humor in any situation {including the screaming fits from my daughter for two hours straight}. I went through such a terrible time with my ex, being so unhappy for so many years, that I refused to let myself go back to that sad and lonely place. Though it seemed just that was happening with those four words from my husband.

Sitting in my daughter’s room feeding her, moments after Andrew pointed out my obvious unhappiness, I began to cry. Not just out of sadness for me, but out of sadness for him, for our daughter, for who I felt I was becoming. I didn’t know how to stop it or fix it. Something inside of me said “text Laura”, and I did. Within 30 seconds I had a response back. A warm, understanding, and genuinely concerned response back. I guess a part of me knew she would understand, would be the one who help me figure out what to do, how to get back to me. Within 5 minutes, she was at my front door with a sympathetic smile on her face. Within 30 minutes, she had me laughing again.

Two days later I received a text message that she and another neighbor would be fixing me dinner later that week. Andrew was traveling for work and they knew my 7-week old daughter and I needed just a help. Little did I know they had a romantic evening planned for Andrew and I {he was due to arrive back that night}. The two of them showed up like an army of pros. They swiped the baby from me and shooed me off to take a shower encouraging me to take my time and maybe even shave my legs {if you are a new mother, you know that this is a luxury in the early days}. When I emerged from my interruption-free 20 minute shower they had washed baby bottles, emptied my dishwasher, straightened up my kitchen, had dinner in the oven, were feeding the baby, and had a table for two {complete with candles} set on the dining room table. I was floored, and humbled, and grateful, and weepy.

These two mothers, took it upon themselves to lift my spirits. They arranged for their husbands to watch their children while they tidied up at my house and took care of the baby, allowing Andrew and I to have the first interruption-free dinner in 7 weeks. There was a card on the table for Andrew and I, from them and their spouses. Each one had a little something to say that elicited laughter and tears.

See, other parents know {and remember} what these early days are like. They want to help, because they may have not had the help they wished. Or, they had someone to swoop in, just like they did for me, and want to return the favor. I can only hope that I am able to do the same for another new parent one day.

Looking back just two weeks ago I didn’t know who to turn to, who to talk to, or even what to say. I realize now, I didn’t have to say a thing. Laura and Jen knew…they just knew. And I’ve never been more thankful for my posse, because “Life is easier when you’ve got a posse.” Thank you girls {and their husbands} for being our posse.

What are you thankful for this ThursdayFriday?

Hugs and Love from

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8 thoughts on “{Thankful Thursday: Thankful for My Posse}”

  1. Hey! I know this is a little old but I wanted to check in and make sure you are doing well. The first 4 months with my little ones were definitely the hardest I could have ever imagined. Be good to yourself and be sure to ask for help anytime you need it.

  2. Poor baby. It is called Post Partium Blues. I am not sure of the spelling but I know Il went though them. This too shall pass.

  3. I promise you, parenting just as in life, has good days and bad days. And you’ll look back and wonder how you did it but you will! Allen traveled alot, even out of the country for two weeks when I was on leave with Tanner, but it all works out! You”ll make it and amaze yourself!

    Love ya girl, you’ve got this. Even when you feel like you don’t you do!!

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